Superstars and super moms

MOTHERS AND daughters, Bollywood is famous for that from the time the young and lovely Hema Malini came down from the South to become the film industry’s Dream Girl accompanied by ‘Amma’ — Mrs Jaya Chakravorty.

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Published: Mon 12 May 2008, 1:29 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:39 PM

Rekha, who did the same and almost at the same time, came unaccompanied... and went on to become the Seductress. Or Enchantress. No wonder!

But by and large, mothers preferred to stay by their daughters’ side in this big, bad world of films. Some mothers who were yesteryear actresses like Babita and Tanuja, introduced their daughters Karisma and Kareena and Kajol and Tanisha respectively to the business.

Neetu Singh, who had no celeb mother, did the needful for son Ranbir last year. Jaya Bachchan, however, was not put through this exercise because son Abhishek fashioned himself after father Amitabh.

And Hema did for daughter Esha what her mother had done for her. The story goes on.

Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu has no hesitation in saying her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Even at this age, she looks so radiant and gorgeous. She gets more compliments than my sisters and me. When we were young, people would look at us twice and enquire if we were really her children. Nobody believed it.

My grandparents married her off when she was 17! My mom and dad were called Hema Malini and Dharmendra where we stayed. She is a happy and positive person and radiates this.

“Also, she is highly romantic and I have inherited this from her. She plays different roles at different times, from a plumber and electrician to a grooming expert and my best friend. Mom is a superwoman,” said Bipasha.

Whereas Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood’s hottest young property currently, worships her mother.

“Her decisions are the last word in my life,” admitted Bebo. “She single-handedly brought my sister and me up in luxury yet instilled all the right right values and a positive attitude in us. She is very accommodative and supportive of our judgements and let’s us voice our opinions and express ourselves, but her decision is final. I got this never-say-die attitude from her. She’s taught me to go after what I want and achieve it.”

Newcomer Soha Ali Khan has big shoes to step into if she is going to be anything like Mama Sharmila, Bollywood’s original Bengali tigress.

“She’s always had a huge influence on me. Now that I’ve stepped out of the comfort cocoon of a sheltered life, I have realised her accomplishments as a wife, mother, a successful actress and now as the eminent chairperson of the censor board. She celebrates the spirit of a true woman by being beautiful, graceful, contemporary in her thoughts, yet deep-rooted in traditional values. She travels, interacts and reads a lot. And has this curiosity which enables her to keep pace with time.”

As for Saawariya girl Sonam Kapoor, her mother is the rock of her life, “Every time I falter, she picks me up,” said Sonam.

“I have learned to be a spiritual person from Mom. Also, to be romantic. Her unwavering faith in love and Dad is something I want to emulate. She believes in everything good and beautiful in life. I have picked that up from her.”

Mama taught me to...

Bollywood stars open up about the valuable lessons learnt from their mother

Shabana Azmi: My mom taught me to not make an issue out of everything in life. I’ve also inherited my taste in clothes from her.

Abhishek Bachchan: My mom taught me to try and be a good human being.

Urmila Matondkar: Mom taught me not to be judgmental, to love and accept people as they are.

Shilpa Shetty: Mom taught me the importance of dignity in my conduct. And never to let anyone trample on my self-respect.

Lara Dutta: To be brave and resilient in the face of adversity, to sacrifice love for the greater good of the country, and to constantly stretch myself beyond the call of duty.

Hema Malini: My mother’s motto in life was simple. Work hard and reach the goal.

Chitrangadha Singh: That family and work are both important and should be given due importance in life.

Ayesha Takia: My mom taught me the value of dignity and to have the courage to be myself.

Himesh Reshammiya: She taught me that it’s not just talent but destiny and the blessings of well-wishers that makes one successful.

Arshad Warsi: She taught me that knowing how to cook is very important in life.

Tusshar Kapoor: To be patient and not get provoked by anything and not to postpone the work at hand.

Raveena Tandon: My mom taught me to keep family together and run our house through highs and lows.

Sameera Reddy: My mother has given me the strength to leave the past behind and keep moving forward.

Celina Jaitley: Everything I know about being a dignified, complete woman.

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