Mobile Vision

In 1846 Carl Zeiss went into business primarily making microscopes and he did very well. By 1875 he had been joined by the physicist Ernst Abbe and the glassmaker Otto Schott — and they were still making microscopes and few other optical devices.

By Robert Flemming (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Mon 3 Jul 2006, 1:42 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:33 PM

Alexander Bell was playing around with a new communications device called a 'telephone' and the Kodak Brownie (which actually used film) was still some 15 years away. And then, over a century later, the Carl Zeiss Group met Nokia.

"We both realised that it would be a marriage made in heaven," says Mika Setala, Marketing Director for Multimedia at Nokia.

"The partnership between Zeiss and Nokia is a combination of world leaders in the fields of optics and mobile communications," traded Dr Norbert Gorny, an executive of the board of the Carl Zeiss Group.

Both speaking at the Zeiss headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany, they told the media about the synthesis and cooperation between the two companies. In April 2005 the two giants paired up to produce a mobile phone equipped with quality imaging capabilities and since then have produced 3 models. But now there is a fourth. The N93, due to hit the malls of Dubai later this month, is the latest stunning result of the two organisation's joint expertise.

But the Nseries N93 is not just a mobile phone, the City Times was informed with a slap on the wrist, it’s a multi media device. [An MMD might be a nice acronym.] According to Mika Pilkama, the Head of See New at Multimedia, Nokia it’s like having a computer in your pocket. And what does that encompass?

"Both still photography and video, music, broadcast TV in 2006, the Internet in your pocket and playing games," says Mika. "On the first count you have easy capture with high quality which can be played on the device or on TV. And then you can share your pictures with others by uploading to the web; we've teamed up with Flickr to have a specific platform for that. You can manage and archive images — shoot, edit and burn onto DVD and printing is made easy through USB or Bluetooth connectivity."

Scarily the N93 also comes with a mass of other features including software that gives you a full editing suite for videos on your computer. The N93 is the new story in mobile phone video, having a 3x optical zoom with DV-like quality. In a comparison between the N93 and a Sanyo Xactic camcorder, the former scored heavily in terms of quality. But the big plus is the fact that the user has all the other facilities of the device as well as full communications ability.

The new Nokia flagship is not the only 'mobile phone' on the market to have a range of functions but it is certainly the first to have the ability to deliver such a high quality of photography. Zeiss lenses are normally associated with the film cameras of Hollywood or brands like Hasselblad and Contax. By bringing Zeiss technology to bear on their imaging platform, Nokia has raised itself above the normal 'cameraphone' label.

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