Kangna on a dare-bare mission

Kangna was very hurt and upset when the Sumans’ did not approve of her relationship with their son Adhyayan.

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Published: Mon 19 Jan 2009, 9:10 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:30 PM

Just when the family came to terms with the fact that their son was dating Kangna, she has gone and stripped for a bathtub scene for Razz 2. Even though she is supposed to have worn a flesh coloured body suit for the scene, it does suggest that she is nude.

That can be passed off as artistic license or that the role demanded it but Kangna has shot some very daring pictures for an ace photographer which have been splashed across the country and will hang on everyone’s home or office walls. So, if Kangna is trying to gain favour with the Sumans she is going about it in a very strange way!

The Sumans are a very private family. They were very concerned when their son got involved with Kangna. Not because they did not like her (they did not know her) but because of her past involvement with a married man and the ugly break-up. Being from the industry, the Sumans have known the Panscholis and did not like the fact that their son was involved with a girl who had such a dramatic past. They had also heard rumours of Kangna’s brief involvement with Udita Goswami’s boyfriend director of Raaz 2, Mohit Suri. When they read the media reports of how Kangna and Adhyayan had been locked up in their van for hours keeping the unit of Razz 2 waiting, Shekher was shocked.

But when the Sumans realised that Adhyayan was completely besotted with her, better sense prevailed and they decided to try their best to be cordial to Kangna. When Shekhar and wife Alka gave a big birthday bash for their son, Shekhar personally invited Kangna. It was just a day before the party that the daring picture was splashed all over the media. The Sumans were flooded with calls from their conservative family members wondering what their sweet boy was doing with this girl. As it is in most of her films she plays very daring off–beat roles. They could understand that in films she was only role-playing, but why did she show so much for a calendar?

Wonder how Adhyayan will reply to the media when asked about this? After all, recently he did stop Kangna from talking about her first kiss with her first boyfriend. He said, “Stop, I don’t want to know how it felt because I might just kill you! I love you too much to hear about any more details.” Well, if Adhyayan feels so strongly about a kiss when she was 16, wonder how he will react to this picture!

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