The Dubai Music Festival brought to focus many an important topic. And one of the most important one to come up before the musician's committee of the festival would be modern music, and the steps taken to improve music peformance. To get to the crux of the issue, City Times spoke ...

By Nihal Kamel

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Published: Tue 18 May 2004, 1:59 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:57 AM

to an array of actors and musicians and sought their opinion on the festival and issues confronting the fraternity of musicians and actors...

Mona Zaky (Egyptian actress): I'm proud to be part of the Dubai Music Festival. It is a remarkable stage for actors and musicians to make a contribution. I think this festival has succeeded in giving a boost to the artistic movement in the region.

Ahmed Helmy (Egyptian actor): I hoped we would get a chance to discuss all the problems facing Arabic actress and singers. This festival has got the desired results.

Sherien (Egyptian singer): I'm very glad to have participated in this universal event. It was heartening to know that there was a special prize for the best clip. This event will encourage all of us to improve on our skills in the future.

Helmy Baker (Egyptian famous musician): I'm happy with this festival. It is an interesting event on Arabic music. The aim should be to encourage music. There's isn't anything called 'youth' music or 'elder' music.

Razan (famous presenter): I am happy I was the presenter of this exclusive and marvellous music festival. I'm sure this festival will bring many more success stories in the history of Dubai.

Nancy Agram (Lebanese singer): I'm really happy about this festival. And the singers, musicians and actors. It was the first such festival in the Middle East. I was thrilled that my clip had been nominated as one of the best clips.

Ibrahem Abbas (Sudanese singer): I'm very happy to attend this marvellous music festival. To be part of it with my friends ...singers, actors and musicians. And I'm no less thrilled that my clip 'I called all the night answered me' had been chosen for this universal event.

Alyas Alrahbany (Lebanese musician): This festival is encouraging and gives a real chance to talented musician and singers.

Rashed Assaf (Syrian actor): I love Dubai. I've had a good artistic experience in Dubai. So I did not hesitate when the committee invited me to attend at this marvellous music festival. I'm sure this festival will be great for the future of Arabic music.

Gada Ragab (Egyptian singer): When I hear about any music festival, I'm thrilled. Such festivals are good for future. Arabic music is doing just fine.

Mayamy (A Kuwait company): We talked in one voice and with one heart. We are really happy. We want to thank Dubai for this festival. We believe in good songs, good words, good clips. We have great respect for the audience...

Hani Shenoda (Egyptian musician): These kind of festivals raise the level of Arabic music. They encourage singers and actors to come up with their best.

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