Dear Ed. That tie last Friday! That tie! I had to look away because I couldn't take you seriously. -

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Published: Fri 15 Jul 2005, 4:27 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:18 PM

New York City should have received the bid to host the Olympics, but I'm happy for London and also sad that Paris lost. - Robyn

City Times, I am sick and tired by shark attacks headlines. If you don't want to get bit, stay in the pool.- Simon

Have been reading about all these deaths on the beaches. There are warning signs posted at the beaches here but some people are too stupid to heed them.- Fadi

As a stay-at-home mom, I screen all the programmes my kids watch and the magazines or books they read. I think Roopa you should put in more effort to make the Young Times more interesting. - Farhana

Hey Anshuman! You know me, being a big fan of women and burgers, I'm willing to drive miles and miles, even fly across the globe if I had to to get to the nearest Carl's Jr. for a burger. If instead of Paris Hilton, they had a similar ad with Angelina Jolie, I might take double the effort for the same burger. - Ahmed

Mr. Galadari, I just want to say, God Bless you sir, for your clear headed comments. Your comments have become quite a hit. - Larissa

I'm shocked to read that e-bay is selling communion hosts. I strongly object to it. This is disrespect at it heights. - Jeffrey

Dear KT your business section never ceases to amaze me. On the one hand they report about high oil prices, yet on the other they whine about interest rates. They are nothing but a corporate shill to keep the idiot consumers confused. - Rahul

Hi Parker, How is Durban? It seems that you have not geared up your staff before you left for vacation? When are you coming back? I am impatiently waiting for the necklace you promised me. - Suzie

Hi Anil, I am Okay, Are you Okay but let me tell you that your canteen is not Okay. - Liaqat

Ejhas, I saw you last Friday with a new hair cut. Looked very nice, close to the sides for hot weather. I was wondering if that was an expensive cut. When you give more you pay less right?

- Rizwan

Yahya, what's going on? Mmmm...that suit, tie and shirt totally complement each other. It looks like your wife is out of town. - Norman

Yasser, it looks like you have a lot of naughty and strange thoughts in that head of yours. I guess that's why that coconut is so big.- Matthew

Roopa aunty, since you are the know-all authority on issues related to children of all ages. From 9 to 90 I thought you would be in the best position to advise me on where to procure an edition of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Kerala. I have heard that an edition for the visually-impaired is being released too, so for someone like me who is language-impaired as far as English is concerned there must be an alternative. - Saji

Who needs a Harry Potter where there is a Chandroo around? Like the magical wizard, he too seems to be able to complicate situations all around him at the blink of an eye. - Bhaskar

Pradeep, did you read about Saddam liking Cuban cigars. That man is in jail and yet he seems to have a personality that still get him all the attention from the media. You have been known to be a good person. Try to be known for some things that are bad, at least then you can have a bit of fame. - Nimisha

Yasser, I have seen you looking tired and haggard and you seem to be losing sight of your priorities. Is it that your over ambitious nature is clouding your view of things. - Ray

Roopa, you seem to have this magical aura around you these days. Is it because Young Times is writing a lot about Harry Potter, or it seems that you have a magical wand to influence important people around you. - Susheela

Over the last week there have been so many things happening around the world. There have been bombings, a space shuttle was launched and there was a train accident that killed many. What it has done is made a lot of people active. But why has Vanit been keeping so quiet and inactive? Surely there must be something that can get him moving.- Mukesh

Hi Sandhya, where are you? We haven't heard from you or seen you at all. I heard your boss is keeping you on your toes. Any way we are tired of reading about an increase in this and that. Can you give us some good news about how a normal person can make some extra bucks for a change? - Mohsin

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