The Misdemeanour Court of Dubai acquitted three Iranians accused of pilfering Dh30,000 from the personal bank account of an Arab customer who deposited his money in one of the foreign banks in the UAE.

By Mohsen Rashid (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Wed 18 Jan 2006, 11:58 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:33 PM

The accused transferred the money, by using the World Wide Web, from the personal bank account of A.A., an Arab national, to the personal accounts of H. R., (an Iranian), and H.F., (another Iranian) who already have bank accounts in one of the national banks.

According to the case history, the foreign bank, which is located in Dubai, had received a notice from USA, which shows that Dh30,000 was transferred from the bank account of the victim to the bank accounts of H.R. and H.F. in one of the national banks in Dubai. The officials in USA also said that the transfer process was performed in the USA via the Internet.

The foreign bank has called the victim regarding the transfer process, as he denied knowing anything about it. Consequently, the officials in the victim’s bank stopped the transfer and informed the police quickly to take necessary measures. The police officers seized H. F., the second accused who told them that there was another man called G.H.R. who opened a bank account for him in one of the national banks via the Internet. The second accused, H.F., told the police officers that he is not computer savvy. He also told them that the third accused, G.H.R., had received the account card and the password and refused to pass them to him.

He pointed out that G.H.R. never gave him any reply regarding his account and he always told him that his bank account was blocked. After arresting and investigang the first accused, H. R. and the third accused, G.H.R., the public prosecution referred the case to the court, accusing H. R., H. F. and G. H. R. of capturing the above mentioned amounts of money, but the court acquitted them for lack of strong evidence.

It is worth noting that the first accused, H.R., was convicted for another similar case last year. Such accusation was for transferring a large amount of money from three national banks to his company’s account, which operates from the Dubai free zone. The police investigation revealed that he had received Dh19,000, 95,000 and 16,000, and it was revealed that the owners of these amounts of money had not been aware of such a penetration into their bank accounts.

During interrogation, the first accused confessed to receiving these transfers to his company’s account from anonymous persons. In a trail to seize those transferring the money, the police officers seized the amounts of Dh19,000 and Dh16,000, but they could not seize the amount of Dh95,000 as the accused had spent it. Eventually, while looking into the lawsuit and reviewing the documents and hearing the witnesses, the Misdemeanour Court of Dubai acquitted the three accused and turned down the lawsuit, because the real culprit is still untraceable. The court also ordered the police officers to keep on investigating to search for the culprit.

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