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Who would win in a fight between Miley Cyrus and Radiohead? Read on and find out for yourself

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Published: Sat 15 Aug 2009, 2:40 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:08 PM

Movie Mania

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum

PUT YOUR FEET up and watch the world come to an end, in this blockbuster piece of apocalyptic hokum.

After discovering that the polar ice caps are melting much faster than anyone realises, Jack Hall (Quaid) tries to warn a skeptical UN conference.

Although his warnings aren’t heeded, it isn’t long before the earth’s weather patterns go haywire — with a CGI blitz of tornadoes and tidal waves.

Jack’s son Sam is in New York when the wave strikes, scrambling into a library as the city is submerged. The chase is on for the climatologist to reach the Big Apple before anything else happens to Sam and his school friends, all the while trying to survive the impending Ice Age.

After securing a massive box offive hit with The Day After Tomorrow, director Roland Emmerich is returning to the doomsday theme with upcoming disaster flick 2012.

YouTube Giggles

Impossible is Nothing

A NOW INFAMOUS video CV of a bespectacled college graduate discussing the path to success — with interspliced footage of everything from weightlifting to skiing to a karate demonstration.

Yale alumnus Aleksey Vayner participates in a one-question “interview” in the hope of securing a job at a large financial firm. However, his jargon-heavy ramblings about achievement and excellence are made all the more comical with clips of his supposed sporting prowess.

A camp ballroom dancing session leads up to the finale, in which Vayner breaks a stack of bricks with his bare hands, before ending with the announcement he is a “CEO and professional athlete”.

A viral phenomenon, Impossible is Nothing led to further revelations about the former student — apparently known for being a fantasist, stories emerged about Vayner’s far-fetched boasts. These included tales of working for the Russian Mafia, beating Pete Sampras at tennis, moonlighting for the CIA and befriending the Dalai Lama.

Surprisingly, he didn’t get the job.

To see the clip, visit and type ‘Impossible is Nothing – how not to apply for a job’ into the search box.

Love Connection

Jamie Foxx & Jordan

HE IS AN Oscar-winning actor, a multi-platinum selling singer, a classically trained pianist and a stand-up comedian who left high school after excelling in both athletics and academics.

She takes her clothes off, argues with people and sells any part of her life to the highest bidder.

So what would Jamie Foxx and Jordan — aka Katie Price — have in common?

To answer your question (okay, our question), it’s all about evening out the talent scale. He has far too much, she has far too little — and both extremities irk us greatly.

Besides, Jordan is known to like her musclemen and Jamie is known to love the ladies, surgically enhanced or otherwise. It’s a match made in middling heaven — unless she decides to resurrect her stalled singing career off the back of his skills.

Mole of the Emirates

Overheard from conversations around Dubai this week…

“Have they added curry powder to this drink?”

“If you need another guy to help you avoid meeting weirdos, I’ll come along. I’m excellent at repelling men — and women too actually…”

“I’m a violinist and a teacher, and I died three months ago.”

“How has nobody else heard of Rainbow Brite?”

Celeb Trivia

WE ALL KNOW that hip-hop has more ‘beefs’ than your average cattle farm. But what about a war of words between bubblegum pop and experimental rock?

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus found herself involved in an altercation with none other than Radiohead earlier this year, after the notoriously shy rockers refused to chat with her at the Grammys.

The 16-year-old requested a meeting with lead singer Thom Yorke after discovering their dressing rooms were close. However, she was rebutted by a Radiohead rep, who had earlier turned away Kanye West, with the explanation that the group’s members “don’t really do that”.

Cyrus vented her fury on a radio show shortly afterwards, calling them “stinkin’ Radiohead” — admitting she had been an obsessive fan of the pioneering five-piece prior to the incident.

She also made a vague threat during the rambling interview, promising “I’m gonna ruin them, I’m gonna tell everyone”.

Radiohead responded with a typically understated retort: “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have a sense of entitlement.”

Just for Laughs

What do you call a chicken in a shellsuit?

An egg.

A man is driving along in his car when he reaches a part of the road that has been flooded with water. The man hesitates whether to go through the water or not, as he is unsure of the puddle’s depth. Just then he sees an elderly walker approaching. “Pardon me,” says the man, “but do you happen to know how deep this patch of water is?”

“Not very deep,” replies the walker. “You’ll be alright to drive through it.” Satisfied, the man drives his car through the water — only to see the whole vehicle sink to the bottom. After scrambling out, the soaked man marches up to the walker.

“You moron!” he barks, “I thought you said that water wasn’t deep!”

“Yes it’s funny that,” says the walker. “It only reaches halfway up on those ducks over there.”

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