Ditching her sponsors, prominent Pakistani television star Bushra Ansari ‘disappeared’ after landing at Dubai International Airport on November 26. Leaving her sponsors waiting to welcome her with a bouquet at the airport, ...


Asma Ali Zain

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Published: Tue 29 Nov 2005, 1:16 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:09 PM

Bushra hailed a taxi and "disappeared into thin air after acquiring a copy of her visit visa," claims Naheed Nafees, Chairperson, Pakistan Association, Ladies Wing, in Dubai.

Naheed later learnt that the same night, Bushra had appeared on Geo TV that was celebrating the launch of its new channel in Dubai. "Bushra’s disappearance has put us in trouble as we are answerable," says an upset Naheed. The TV artiste had been invited by the ladies’ wing to perform at a fund-raising gala event for the Pakistani quake victims on the same day she arrived.

Known in the industry as a stalwart comedienne, compere and lady par excellence, Bushra’s alleged indifferent behaviour has shocked the people who waited for hours to see her perform at Intercontinental Hotel on Saturday evening. "She made a commitment to us to attend the charity function and we made all the necessary arrangements for her arrival including spending money on her visa, ticket, musicians and lodging and boarding even though we cannot afford to spare a penny," explained Naheed. "Two of our executive committee members – Samina Pasha and Fauzia Mirza — were waiting for her at the airport. I was in constant touch with my committee members, staff of Aero Asia and Bushra even while she had to wait inside the airport for her visa clearance," says Naheed. "When everything was okayed, I checked with the Aero Asia staff asking them to connect me to Bushra, and I was informed that Bushra had got her visa and had taken a taxi and left the airport," says a shocked Naheed.

There was a delay in the issuing of her visa, accepts Naheed, but says that was due to a hitch in the immigration computer system. "A visa for a lone woman travelling to Dubai from Pakistan is not accepted by the authorities, therefore, we approached several 5-star hotels but were disappointed as there was no vacant room," explains Naheed.

"Finally through a contact, a hotel granted a 15-day visa on discounted rates on the condition that the visitor would spend at least a night at the hotel," she said, adding, "But she did not honour that commitment as well and we were very embarrassed as we pestered the hotel's staff for the visa till it had been finalised.

"We waited for her till 11.00pm in the hope that she would show up, but to no avail. We later found that she had been seen on Geo."

Naheed said that during the weeks preceding the event, Bushra made her life miserable by calling and messaging her continuously from Pakistan to confirm whether all visa arrangements were finalised and whether she should board the flight. "I was under immense pressure as I had to make all arrangements for her as well as organise the programme. Even while she was waiting at the Dubai Airport, she made a big fuss and was cribbing all the time," alleged Naheed, adding: "Till now, she has not contacted us or apologised."

A spokesperson for Aero Asia who coordinated the efforts also confirmed the incident. "While leaving the airport, Bushra told us she would coordinate with the association ladies’ herself," said the spokesperson.

Abdul Qudoos, who arranged her visa with the hotel staff, said he was shocked by the incident. "I requested for the visa and because I am an ex-staffer of the hotel, the visa was given to us for Dh350 while the room was booked for Dh750, though normal room charges are above Dh1, 000," he added.

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