'Driving a car means freedom and convenience to me': What hitting the road means for this Dubai resident from Oman

Hind Al Abri owns a GMC Yukon SUV

By George Kuruvilla

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Photo: Neeraj Murali
Photo: Neeraj Murali

Published: Thu 11 Jan 2024, 7:22 PM

Last updated: Thu 11 Jan 2024, 7:32 PM

When did you move to Dubai and what do you like most about this city?

I moved to Dubai in 2004 to study at a university and it has been my home ever since. The things I love the most about this city are its modern architecture, diverse culture, beautiful beaches, ease of travelling the world, and safety. The rulers of the UAE love and care for their country and I’m so grateful for being here. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has set a very good example for all Muslims with his acts of kindness and I’m proud to call him my leader. The country has also evolved so much in the last 20 years or so and it continues to offer many work opportunities for people from all over the world. And with so much to do, you can never get bored in Dubai.

What do you do for work?

I used to own a flower shop in Jumeirah for six years and I was fortunate enough to sell it just before Covid-19 hit the region. I got into the flower business because most people buy flowers to show love, care, and respect and I wanted to be part of that positive energy. Now I have a business that involves buying apartments, renovating them, and selling them to people who are looking for a modern home.

What kind of car-related activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy go-karting. In fact, I was at a karting facility recently. It’s an amazing experience. The exhilarating rush of speed as I navigate the twists and turns, the intense competition against friends and fellow racers, and the sheer joy of pushing the limits of the kart, all combine to create an experience like no other. The feeling of being in control, the adrenaline pumping through my veins, and the pure, unbridled fun make karting an activity that I truly love. And whenever I get behind the wheel of one, I’d like to think of myself as Michael Schumacher, but I often end up coming last in the race. Even so, I love the sport!

Photo: Neeraj Murali
Photo: Neeraj Murali

What made you choose the GMC Yukon?

I bought my GMC Yukon SUV for its spacious interior, powerful towing capabilities, and luxury. My Yukon provides a comfortable and refined driving experience, along with a host of modern technology and safety features, which I appreciate. I chose black because it makes it look like a beast on the road.

What do you like most about your Yukon and what could be improved?

When I’m driving my Yukon, I feel like I’m sitting high over the road, thanks to which I can observe what’s happening around me. It’s comfortable, and it has cruise control, which is a lifesaver, especially for those who love to travel a lot. I also love that I can start my SUV remotely, which is a blessing in the hot summer!

I just wish it wasn ’t so heavy on petrol consumption and it was more eco-friendly. I hope in the future GMC will produce a hybrid or electric Yukon variant!

What does your Yukon mean to you?

My car represents freedom, independence, and convenience. It provides me with the means to travel wherever I want, whenever I want. Additionally, my car holds sentimental value. I’ve taken my Yukon on many road trips, and I have many beautiful memories with my family from those trips.

If money were no object what car or SUV would you have in your garage?

I love my GMC so much that I would love to have the 2024 YM Yukon in black. The Yukon Denali is the king of the road, it’s capable of turning heads and makes you feel like a VIP on the road.

I would like to drive it from Dubai to Salalah someday. Experiences are what create memories and I would love to experience the long-distance excursion and drive through nature in my home country, Oman! That’s another country you need to visit.



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