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Located in Al Qusais, Blush N Curls uses natural, eco-conscious options, organic products free from sulphates or formaldehyde that work on different layers of the mind and body to make you look and feel good.

Put your feet up and relax as the team of professionals at Blush N Curls Salon and Spa in Al Qusais work magic and make you look and feel your best

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Published: Wed 31 Aug 2016, 6:08 PM

How do you choose a good salon in the sea of choices available in Dubai? Word of mouth helps for sure, but then different skin types do not always agree with the same products and procedures. If you are looking for a beauty place that uses natural ways and organic products with individualised services, Blush N Curls Salon and Spa fits the bill right.
Spearheaded by Lavanya Vikram, a skin consultant and certified make-up artist from Bobby Brown and Make-up Forever, it is a one-stop shop for a perfect makeover. Located in Al Qusais, it focuses on delivering a host of services using natural, eco-conscious options, organic products free from sulphates or formaldehyde that work on different layers of the mind and body to make you look and feel good.  
Facial services are unique here. We are saying unique because the team first understands your skin type and need for a facial before recommending a service. Several women suffering from varied skin problems such as acne, sensitivity, dehydrated skin, pigmentation, ageing, whitening, etc. have benefitted from its facials. "We can offer an insurance to your face through our treatment," says the savvy beauty expert.
Popular facial services include Instant Whitening, Botox Effect and Clearly Blissful - all offering guaranteed results after a few sessions. Lavanya insists on using only internationally renowned products that are known to be vegan, and paraben-free.

Slimming treatment
Here the slimming services do not include the usual machine therapy that you would have noticed in slimming centres. Instead therapists use their hands to massage and break cellulite. Use of natural products and rubber jars ensure that the skin firms up and doesn't get any rash. "We can guarantee 1 cm reduction in measurement in one session. Consecutive sessions work well and have shown considerable weight loss," says Lavanya. Each session lasts for a little more than an hour and uses natural ingredients such as grapefruit, caffeine, guarana extract, L-carnitine, Vitamin E and algae.

Pep-up services
Kahraman body ritual is a popular Middle Eastern technique that instantly works to rejuvenate the mind and body. The service is available at Blush N Curls and is ideal for anyone looking to de-stress in a matter of an hour or so. "We use amber spheres (resin balls) with Argan Oil to extract negative ions from the body. The procedure is very relaxing and allows women to get their mind off the usual hustle and bustle of their busy lives."
The salon and spa centre is also recommended for common cosmetic activities like waxing. Since every skin has a different pH balance, waxing leads to discolouration at times. But at Blush N Curls, you can be rest assured of no such side effects. "We use Botanical wax, which is known for its natural ingredients; Lycon painless waxing; and pre- and post-depilatory lotion and oil to ensure a smooth and blemish-free skin after waxing."  

Mumma-to-be pampering
Bella Mama massage is designed keeping pregnant ladies in mind. A 75-minute massage helps mums-to-be relax and relieves them from stress and body ache. It is also works to prevent stretch marks. Blush N Curls uses special candle for massage that integrates various fragrances in one to soothe the senses. These include delicious scent of berries with notes of petitgrain; neroli; clary sage; and sweet and heady jasmine on a woody amber base, to immediately relax the mind.
Besides, there are more services on offer ranging from hair colouring, massage, nails or eyelash extensions, and more. "Each woman is guaranteed to have a beautiful and unique experience, complemented by our excellent customer service as well as our high-quality products," signs off Lavanya with a smile.   
The salon launches attractive beauty packages every month, and is open from 10am to 9:30pm.

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Lavanya Vikram, CEO, Blush N Curls
Lavanya Vikram, CEO, Blush N Curls

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