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Colour me trendy

The lowdown on the hottest hairstyles of the moment are here - and they're not easily brushed away

By Catherine Hawke, Hair Artistic Director, Tips & Toes

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Published: Thu 31 Oct 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 1 Nov 2019, 1:00 AM

Looking for a little individuality when it comes to your hair? Try these on for size.
Pixel Hair
If we had to describe pixel hair in one word? Mesmerising. Created by a hair stylist painting on the colour layer by layer, it forms a three-dimensional effect no stencil can ever manage. This innovative colour method means that every time the wearer moves their head, a new shape is formed. Worn straight, it can also be made to look like a logo or shape - the perfect idea for those looking to send a message in a unique way. Incredibly versatile, there's no end to possible outcomes. Blend together bright and bold colours for a fun take on your usual style.
Hair Tinsel
It's no secret that this region loves a little glitz and glamour. Catching every ounce of light, hair tinsel bridges the gap between subtle and stunning. The effect is created by thin glitter thread that is tied into the hair in different sections close to the scalp. Lasting anywhere between one and two weeks, depending on how you take care of it, ensure you are cautious when brushing so as not to tug on the strands. Another key point to ensuring you continue to sparkle is to be cautious when using hot styling tools - that includes a hair dryer, as it can cause the tinsel to curl at high temperatures.
Peekaboo Hair
We all love to get creative with our hairstyles and colour but what happens when your job requires a more natural look? Peekaboo hair. Hidden beneath layers of your locks, stylists can add a pop of colour that is only seen when you move or tie it up. Look to rainbow colours for a true statement or, working with your natural shade, add complementary colours like blue or purple on black for a more subdued effect.
Hair Accessories
Not after anything permanent? The easiest way to upgrade your style is with hair accessories. Scrolling through Instagram, it's no secret that this has been the year they made their ultimate comeback. From studded slides to embellished clips - and even the iconic hair scrunchie, you can't go wrong. Experiment by layering them up, mixing and matching colours and textures, and not being afraid to stand out. For those looking to be ahead of the trend, look at Zodiac-inspired pieces. Our favourite? The Kela Zodiac hair slides that will sit beautifully wherever you place them in your hair.
The Extreme Pony
When it comes to tying up your hair into a ponytail this season, the only rule is: the longer, the better. No fear if the length of your locks is making this feel impossible. The clip-in pony is here to save the day. Simply begin by scarping your hair back into the highest pony you can manage, secure and then clip in the hair piece. You will instantly be transformed into Rapunzel. The best part is: there's a whole array of shades on offer meaning the fake hair will blend into your natural, fascinating your loved ones.

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