Police probe killing of 30 pigeons nurtured by 11-year-old student

Alappuzha - "Those who did this gruesome act should be punished,” Christy said.

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Published: Sat 26 Jun 2021, 10:22 AM

Christy Devasiya, 11, is a very disappointed boy today as 30 of the pigeons that he used to feed over the past two years near his home in Alappuzha district in Kerala were killed by unknown people.

"The pigeons were my best friends for the past two years,” Christy, who is in class six, told a reporter. “I used to play with them all day. I painstakingly collected the birds from various places with the help of my parents. Those who did this gruesome act should be punished.”

The police have launched a probe into the deaths of the pigeons. According to Devasiya Benny, the boy’s father, the birds were found dead on the morning of June 3 when his wife, Minimol, went to feed them. “At the time, I was in a hospital with my father who had tested positive for Covid-19,” said Benny. “My father passed away a few days later and we all went into quarantine.”

Two of their children were also diagnosed with Covid. Christy then got into depression and stopped eating. Since he and his family were in quarantine, the police complaint was lodged just two days ago.

The pigeons included Bokhara Trumpeter, Modena and Hungarian Mix among others.

AFP file photo
AFP file photo

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