Woman creates fake Facebook account to catch cheating husband in UAE


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Abu Dhabi - The woman chatted on the fake account and peeped through the window to watch her husband's reaction.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Tue 22 Oct 2019, 5:30 PM

A 30-year-old woman divorced her husband after she discovered the man's cheating habits when she disguised herself as a beautiful young woman and used a fake Facebook account. After chatting with him for a few days the man accepted sending the new online lover pictures of him and agreed to spend a night with her.

Official court documents stated that the Arab woman had been married to her husband for two years. The couple had a six-month-old son.

At the beginning of their marriage, the man had told the woman that he had a busy schedule and that he would sometimes spend long days at work and even nights in other emirates where his company had opened up new branches.

After 18 months in marriage, the wife began seeing pictures of her husband with young women on his Facebook page. When she asked him about the women, the man said they were his workmates and that he had no other relationship with them.

One day, a friend of the wife phoned her and informed her that she had spotted her husband with another woman in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi. When the woman called her husband to ask where he was, the man said he was on a work assignment in another emirate and would return the following day.

From that day, the woman lost trust in her husband as she suspected him of cheating on her. She started investigating because she had realised that the man spent many hours on social media wherever he returned home.

Disguising as a young woman, the wife created a fake Facebook page and began chatting with her husband. Four days into their chat, the wife sent the man pictures of a beautiful young woman after the man requested for her photos. She even agreed that she would send him inappropriate pictures of her.

And one day, as the husband was in the living room watching television, the woman briefly moved out of the house and started chatting with her husband using the fake account. Peeping through the window as she watched her husband responding to her messages with a big smile thinking that he was chatting with the new woman he had met online. The woman asked the man if they would go on a date. She also asked him whether he could spend a night with her in the city, which the man accepted.

The woman immediately returned to the house and confronted her husband, accusing him of cheating. She also showed him the messages they had been exchanging on Facebook when she disguised as a young woman.

The woman told the her husband that it was over between them and wanted a divorce. The man tried to plead for forgiveness given the fact they had a small child, but the woman refused.

She even went to the family court and requested that she be separated from the cheating husband. The judge approved their divorce and also granted the mother the custody of the child. The man was told to provide for them a house and other monthly expenses.


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