Stray dogs kill 11 sheep in UAQ farm; rabies threat feared


Stray dogs kill 11 sheep in UAQ farm; rabies threat feared
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Umm Al Quwain - As per the vet’s report, the injured sheep, valued at Dh30,000, has possibly got rabies.

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Published: Thu 13 Oct 2016, 3:41 PM

Last updated: Thu 13 Oct 2016, 8:47 PM

A pack of four stray dogs has attacked the animal barn of an Emirati national here at the Kaber area in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain.
The dogs, which attacked the barn late at night, killed 11 sheep and goats, most of which were pregnant, and seriously injured nine other, according to the owner of the stockyard.
Mohammed Jassim Khamis, the owner of the farm, said he was awakened by the noise coming from the barn.
"When I reached the barn, where I am raising some 50 different types of local goats and sheep, I was shocked to the see the dead animals, along with the four stray dogs biting into the dead animals."
The worker, staying close to the farm, bravely attacked the four wild dogs, and managed to kill three of them dogs while the fourth attacked him, and fled to nearby farms, he added.
"Stray dogs keep roaming around the animal farms and barns here looking for preys, particularly our domestic cattle, all night. They have hurt us and have brought about a huge loss."
Khamis said the UAQ municipality vet on duty has been called to examine the sheep, mainly those still alive.

"The wild dogs killed 11 of my sheep and goats, and seriously injured nine others which, I believe, will not survive for a long time."
As per the vet's report, the injured sheep, valued at Dh30,000, have possibly got rabies, he regretted. "This is not the first time to suffer a wild dog attack on my farm."
A pack of dogs had earlier attacked Khamis' barn and killed two sheep. "I have alerted the UAQ police and bodies concerned to come up with an immediate solution to stray dogs, and get rid of them, for people and domestic animals' safety."
Dr Hanan Al Sisi, a vet here, told Khaleej Times that stray dogs, mostly get and spread rabies which is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system of humans and animals alike.
"The virus, secreted in saliva, is usually transmitted by a bite from an infected animal. Once the outward signs of the disease appear, rabies has nearly become fatal."
Iraqi Consultant Veteran Dr Diya Al Deen Saleh, said the dogs' rounded and sharp teeth, as well as the pressure exerted by their jaws usually cause serious damage to the skin, underneath tissues, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves.
"Wounds should be kept elevated and, if possible, washing the wound with tap water, soup and an antiseptic is of great importance. It is highly recommended to take the anti-rabies vaccine, irrespective of whether the dog is rabid or not as a precaution since the infected saliva of the dog is more dangerous than the bite or damaged tissues."
Official sources with the UAQ municipality said they would send their staff to catch the stray dogs and protect the people against their attacks. "People need not to worry; we will find these stray dogs and catch them soon."
A pack of stray dogs had earlier attacked five boys separately here in Umm Al Quwain, and left them badly injured. Ali Ramadan, an Egyptian employee with a government department here, told Khaleej Times that he suffered the predicament twice in a month. "The first was my eldest daughter Asma, and the second was my youngest son Mahmud. They were attacked when heading to and back from school."

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