Indians stunned as Amazon sells coconut shells for Rs3,000


Indians stunned as Amazon sells coconut shells for Rs3,000

The seller is offering a discount after which the shell costs Rs 1,365.

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Published: Fri 18 Jan 2019, 1:06 PM

A half coconut shell is being sold for Rs1,400 (Dh72 approx) on Amazon and this has left Indians shocked in disbelief. The brown coconuts come for as little as 20 bucks in India while the shells are thrown away.
The unbelievably expensive price for the shell has raised many eyebrows as it has no fancy art nor is it extraordinary. The item was first spotted by an IPS officer named Rema Rajeshwari who posted a screenshot of the expensive item listed on Amazon.
The seller is offering a discount after which the half shell costs Rs 1365 while it originally was priced at Rs3000 (Dh154 approx). The seller aiming to draw attention of buyers, described the coconut shell as a mandatory item for Hawaiian luau parties or tropical getaways, reported NDTV.
The seller wrote on Amazon: 'Spice up the Luau Party with Tropical Tableware! Since no luau party is complete until everything is Hawaiian, don't forget the coconut cups! You can use the Hawaiian coconut cup for serving tropical drinks or as a luau table decoration, be creative! Holds approximately 4 1/2 ounces. 1 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" wide'. The seller also points out that because the coconut shell is real, it may have cracks, dents and imperfections.
The IPS officer's tweet received several shocked comments. One Twitter user wrote: 'Can you check this seller who is selling #Natural Coconut Shell Cup for Rs1365? We buy coconut for Rs35 and in #Kerala we don't pay. How natural can this be than the one that we buy'? While another person tweeted: 'Dear @amazonIN, If u come to my house I will give u free coconut shell in loads'!

However, seems there were several people who actually bought the half shell and thanked Amazon for a great deal! 'Natural coconut shell.. it's used for various purposes.. showroom price would be around Rs3000.. my friend brought it at low price at Rs1300 .. great Amazon', wrote one reviewer.

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