Discover new destinations with passionate travel bloggers


Discover new destinations with passionate travel bloggers
Murad Osmann

Exploring the world has become easier with travel bloggers keeping us up to date with incredible sights through pictures and stories. Here are few young and full-of-adventure friends that have travelled to achieve their biggest dreams:

By Ayisha Alka

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Published: Sun 30 Jun 2019, 11:32 AM

Do you travel?
Jack Morris is a 27-year-old travel blogger who was born in Manchester, England. He began his career in travelling since 2012 and hasn't looked back, as his love for travel takes him to places he has never ever fathomed.  This passionate young blogger has been to over 50 countries, including Thailand, Japan, Portugal, France, the UAE and many more.
He often gets asked how travel bloggers make money, to which his response is: "I work with various brands and companies to showcase their product or motive on Instagram. I only promote or post about things I truly like or believe in, which is very important to me and why my posts resonate with so many of you."
Jack also sells Lightroom presets, useful for those who love photography. Jack, along with his girlfriend Lauren Morris, travel together. Although travel bloggers most often than usual live out of a backpack, the couple settled in Bali for its very tropical and peaceful nature. According to Jack, there are pros and cons of being a travel blogger, but if you can create a profession out of your passion, there is nothing better.
Follow Jack's instagram on @doyoutravel and check out his website at
Murad Osmann is a photographer based in Moscow, Russia. He rose to fame with his #FollowMeTo Instagram series and book, featuring his wife, Natalia Zakharova. As Murad took to travelling the world, his main focus remained on photography, as that is how his journey began.
His instagram account is themed with vibrant pictures of his wife facing towards beautiful sceneries in different countries around the world, including India, Italy, Egypt, UAE, Jordan and many more. "It has become our little tradition to bring a 'postcard' back to our friends from every country we visited together.
The theme of his images is of a woman leading a man to the most iconic places on Earth, said Murad in his blog. Who would have known that such a project would take him to great heights?
Murad seeks to discover unknown destinations across countries and share them with the world, as every landmark has its own special gem to be unravelled. He believes that it is not necessary to know the language of a new place you visit or focus on how much you earn. Follow Murad's instagram on @muradosmann.
His #FollowMeTo project can be found on @followmeto. Check out his blog at
Tara Milk Tea
Tara Whiteman is a travel blogger from Sydney, Australia. She loves documenting her life travelling to different places in the world, also highlighting food, places and people. The 23-year-old completed her degree in design at the University of Wales, along with travelling and working full time with clients and projects.
She has travelled to Australia, Bali, Buenos Aires, Morocco, Mexico and many other countries. Her instagram is filled with pictures of food from many new places that she discovered, and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  
Tara's goal is focused on "living life to the fullest", according to her blog. She creates happiness for herself in her own ways through her travel diaries to different places, and has chased her dreams from a very young age, not letting go of them. She has worked with clients from companies like Canon to Tiffany and Co.
With more than one million instagram followers, she shares her journey with full zest and inspires other people to achieve their dreams as well.
Follow Tara's instagram on @taramilktea and check out her blog at
World of Wanderlust
Brooke Saward was 20 years old when she boarded her first flight all alone. She visited different countries including Budapest in Central Europe, France, London and many more.
She made her dream to travel to every nook and corner of the world possible after saving money from her part time job, and shared her journey on social media through beautiful pictures with her growing base of followers.
Born and brought up on an island of Tasmania in Australia, Brooke was filled with excitement every time she went to a different place, experiencing different cultures and whiffs of delicious cakes and local food all around. After graduating from university, she started blogging seriously with regular updates through Instagram and went on solo trips around the world. 
"My dreams were always to travel and when I realised I could make a career out of sharing my travel stories, I knew I had found my means to an end," she said on her blog. The young blogger also published her book titled, World of Wanderlust, a collection of travel photography and memoirs.  
Follow Brooke's instagram on @worldwanderlust and check out her blog at
Ayisha Alka is an Editorial Intern at Khaleej Times  studying in Middlesex University Dubai. She is passionate about discovering stories and happenings around the world. 

Tara Whiteman
Tara Whiteman
Brooke Saward
Brooke Saward
Jack Morris
Jack Morris

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