Boys-only schools

THE approval for co-education given to three city schools is indeed a welcome step. One can only hope more such schools that may come forward and apply for the same exemption will be given a sympathetic hearing.

By Talk Of The Town

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Published: Thu 28 Apr 2005, 10:11 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:28 PM

Afternoon schools for boys has long been a thorn in their side. It has robbed them of their mornings and leaves them with barely any time in the evenings to indulge in games or other activities. The argument that afternoons are not exactly very conducive for studies holds water. During the long summer days, the heat can sap their energy forcing them to stay in their classrooms or just amble along the corridors aimlessly. Any physical activity — so very crucial for an all-round development — is almost out of the question.

It seems for boys it’s all work and no play and this could lead to dullness. A way must be found to allow them to attend morning classes like everyone else without breaking the laws of the land and the only way out seems to be is to start building boys-only schools. This would take a load of their mind — and the parents’ too. In any case, as the country grows, the population will too and the sooner the idea of boys-only schools is translated into reality the better.

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