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Turn over a new leaf with your diet this fall to achieve healthy, glowing skin

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Published: Fri 31 Oct 2014, 2:37 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:23 PM

As schedules pick up and temperatures drop, winter is a natural time for women to rethink their skincare routine. Yet the right products are just one piece of the puzzle in being kind to your skin. A healthy diet, rich in leafy greens, and a holistic approach to skincare can also have complexion-beautifying benefits. You can turn over a new leaf by incorporating more skin-loving “power greens” (full of vitamins and minerals) like kale, spinach and bok choy into your meal time.

Registered dietician nutritionist Ellie Krieger, a New York Times bestselling author and host of the Food Network and Cooking Channel’s hit show, Healthy Appetite, is a member of the Simple Advisory Board — a panel of lifestyle experts that educate others on the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to skincare. As kitchens across the country prepare for a healthy reset to mark the start of winter, Krieger offers these easy ways to sneak more leafy greens into your daily dishes.

Start the day with a smoothie

Breakfast smoothies and pressed juices are an increasingly popular choice for on-the-go types. These liquid meals deliver an assortment of health benefits since they’re chock-full of fruits and vegetables. Add kale to a breakfast smoothie or juice to experience the superfood’s nutrients — without even knowing it’s there — such as antioxidants, calcium and potassium, and beauty benefits like healthy skin and hair. “If you’re looking for an energising way to start the day, try my superfood smoothie recipe,” says Krieger. “Blend half a frozen ripe banana, half a cup frozen blueberries, one-third cup chopped fresh kale leaves, one-fourth cup sliced almonds, one cup non-fat milk, one teaspoon honey and one-fourth teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth.”

Elevate the lunch salad

The lunch hour offers a great opportunity to pack a meal that includes several distinct leafy greens — iceberg, be gone. Arugula, which belongs to the mustard family of plants, is a salad staple that adds a lovely peppery flavour and plenty of vitamin C. Up the ante with nutrient-dense spinach, which contains lots of beta carotene shown to promote healthy, glowing skin. Top off the health benefits with radicchio, which is rich in lutein and antioxidants known to help preserve vision and protect skin from sun damage. Make a savvy salad by combining these three leaves (arugula, spinach and radicchio) and tossing it with a can of light tuna in olive oil (drizzling in some oil from the can). Add the juice from half a lemon and some salt and pepper for flavour.

End the day with a skin-benefitting routine

A healthy spinach dinner dish doesn’t need to take a million years to prep. Buy prewashed baby spinach, toss into store-bought pasta sauce after it’s heated and serve over whole grain pasta for a dish that’s quick, delicious and good for the skin. Spinach contains vitamin C, which is important for collagen production. The result is skin that’s smooth, supple and elastic. Post-dinner, it can be tempting to hit the sheets immediately, but supplement the overnight benefits of a healthy diet by taking a moment to remove makeup with kind-to-skin cleansers and facial wipes before heading to bed (so skin starts with a glowing base in the morning). Try a moisturising facial wash that contains vitamins B and E (the same skin-loving ingredients found in leafy greens). A good moisturising cream is one that gently cleanses and removes dirt and oil, without drying out the skin.


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