A living miracle

How is a person with special needs who cannot count from one to ten or manage his own daily chores able to fully memorise the Holy Quran and recall every single detail about it?

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Published: Fri 26 Jul 2013, 1:33 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 9:17 AM

The audience and contestants of the 17th session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award were amazed as they listened to 29-year-old Hussein Adnan Sabri Al Abdali from Iraq on Wednesday night.

He could recall any of the 6,236 verses of the Holy Quran in no time, and answer any question about the Quran which he has memorised without help from anyone.

Popular Quran reader and one of the arbitration committee member Sheikh Sherzad Abdulrahman examined Al Abdali in public and asked him a number of difficult and confusing questions about the Quran, but he was ready with the correct answers.

“Not only can he recall any of the 77,277 words of the Quran, but accurately complete any verse anywhere, and give all details requested about the number of the verse, its location — right or left, up or down the page — and line number.”

He was also ready to say what the verse corresponding to the one asked about in the next page or ten pages later or earlier. “He can tell the first and last word in any page, and remember how many times a single word is repeated in the Quran, and where.”

Surprising the audience, Sheikh Abdulrahman said despite this Quranic miracle, Al Abdali needed help from his family in terms of daily affairs. “For example, he cannot go home alone, and sometimes he deals with people like a young kid.”

However, the story is completely different when it comes to the Holy Quran which he has learnt by heart. “His daily schedule at home starts with the Quran which he finishes reciting everyday in around 12 hours from the dawn to Asr Prayers — 4am to 4pm,” he said.

Sheikh Abdulrahman noted that no one helps Al Abdali in memorising the Quran. “He wonderfully passes his finger on the first line of a chapter in the Quran, and started reciting the Quran in a very fast and focused way.

“His mind is fully interrelated with the Quran in every single word, letter, verse, pause, line, chapter, and page that nothing distracts him while reading.”

Talking about his journey with the Quran, his uncle Emad Shaker Al Abdali said Hussein Al Abdali started memorising the Quran in a very strange way. “When his father gave him a copy of the Quran at the age of four, Al Abdali put it on his heart, and refused to give it back to anyone until he slept.”

The family then started discovering something miraculous about his super mental ability though he was deaf and blind, dependent on a wheelchair and unable to move for four years. “He not only learnt the Quran by heart without help as if it had been printed in his heart, but had also been completely healed. He can now hear, see and talk.”


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