10-year-old Nepalese memoriser astounds audience


10-year-old Nepalese memoriser astounds audience
Shekh Mahamad Akhtar

Dubai - Shekh Mahamad Akhtar, the youngest contestant at DIHQA completed Quran memorisation in two years.

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Published: Sun 19 Jun 2016, 6:03 PM

Last updated: Sun 19 Jun 2016, 11:23 PM

Though he is only 10 years old, Shekh Mahamad Akhtar from Nepal, the youngest contestant in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, is so determined to come first.
In just two years, Akhtar completed his journey with the Holy Quran. "I started memorising the Quran at the age of eight, and finished it this year when I became 10."
For him, memorising the Holy Quran is a sacred mission. "It is not only an honour but also a way to express the happiness and success in life and the Hereafter."
Akhtar said he used to memorise one to two pages of the Quran per day, and revise as many parts as possible. "Revising the Quran on a regular basis is the key to not forgetting its verses."
Learning the Quran at the hand of a professional tutor is very critical to have full command of memorisation and perfect recitation, he pointed out. "I used to go to the Abna-ul-Islam Quran Study Centre every day to learn the Quran."
Father and uncle have been very helpful to Akhtar. "They used to encourage, teach and train me to learn the Quran by heart for hopeful reward in life and the Hereafter."
Showing exceptional performance, Akhtar seized top positions in earlier International Holy Quran contests in India, apart from several local Quran competitions.
He has also been nominated by his Quran Study Centre for participation in the 20th edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award this Ramadan. "I do wish to be a scholar of Quran and Shariah when I grow up."
Akhtar also hoped to serve the Quran and teach it to others to be rewarded as promised by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who was reported as saying: "The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it to others."
Mauritanian contestant, 15-year-old Ekaha Beitate, said he learnt the Quran in a Mahdara, kind of Quran study centre, in Nawakshot. "Father, brother and teachers used to encourage me to have the honour of memorising the Quran."
Beitate earlier took part in five Al Kharafi local Quran contests, in which he excelled other contestants.
Being a big fan of popular Egyptian Quran readers like Al Husari, Al Menshawi and Abdulbasit, he has learnt much about the art of recitation from them. "I wish to be a Quran and Shariah scholar."
Sidi Mohammed Hanan, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to the UAE, said he was so proud of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award which has become a major hub for Quran memorisers worldwide.
As many as 40 out of 82 full Quran memorisers have sat for the final examinations of the award in five nights at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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