LIVE: Trump beats Clinton in historic US election

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LIVE: Trump beats Clinton in historic US election

Washington - Secures 276 electoral votes, an absolute majority of the 538 members of the electoral college.


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Published: Wed 9 Nov 2016, 7:25 AM

Last updated: Wed 9 Nov 2016, 2:05 PM

As of now, Republican Donald Trump has earned 244 of the 270 electoral college votes he needs to secure the US presidency, according to network projections.
His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had earned 215 electoral votes.
Candidates are racing to hit the magic number of 270 electoral votes, which reprsents an absolute majority of the 538 members of the electoral college, with the number from each state based on its population size.

10:40 AM UAE time 

Shock, despair and silence at Clinton HQ
A stony silence cast a pall early Wednesday over what was meant to be Hillary Clinton's presidential victory party as, one by one, states turned Republican red for Donald Trump.
The billionaire property mogul had not yet won the White House but for many, it was only a question of time.
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No one was expecting such a violent slap in the face. Some were saying it would be close, and many Democrats said they were nervous as they arrived at Clinton's event at the Javits Center on the west side of Midtown Manhattan.
But no one imagined the night would turn into a political funeral.

10:30 AM UAE time 

Mexican peso plunges as Trump inches closer to US election win
The dollar tumbled against the yen and euro while the Mexican peso fell off a cliff as polling results in the knife-edge US presidential race pointed to a strong showing by Donald Trump.
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10:00 AM UAE time

9:50 AM UAE time

UAE residents watching the US election 2016 while working out in Dubai. (KT/Neeraj Murali)
See full gallery here.

9:20 AM UAE time

Democrat Hillary Clinton kept alive her hopes of being elected president, winning the western state of Nevada, US networks projected on Tuesday.
Nevada has six Electoral College votes, allowing Clinton to make up a little of her deficit to Republican Donald Trump, who has a substantial lead.

9:00 AM UAE time

Markets across the globe tend to remain very volatile and choppy during the day especially during the first half. All eyes are on US election results.
Indian rupee opened at 66.75 as against yesterday's close at 66.6150. The range for the day would be 66.45 - 66.88.
The range for EURO would be 1.1080 - 1.1210.
The range for GBP would eb 1.2360 - 1.2520.
The range for AUD would be 0.7650 - 0.7750.
The range for CAD would be 1.3350 - 1.3420.
The range for CHF would be 0.9610 - 0.9690.
The range for SGD would be 1.3840 -  0.3920.
The range for NZD would be 0.7320 - 0.7420.
The range for ZAR would be 13.20 - 13.70.
The range for JPY would be 102.10 - 103.80.
GOLD might trade between 1270 - 1315.
Source: Lulu Exchange
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8:32 AM UAE time

Clinton wins Washington (AP)
Trump wins Iowa, Georgia and Utah, widening his lead on Clinton.

8:15 AM UAE time

Trump wins Idaho and North Carolina. Clinton wins Oregon.

8:00 AM UAE time

Clinton takes leave on Trump after California win.

7:55 AM UAE time

Trump wins key swing state Florida, widens lead on Clinton

7:30 AM UAE time

Trump wins key battleground state Ohio: TV networks
Republican Donald Trump won the key battleground state of Ohio, boosting his chances of pulling off an upset win in Tuesday's presidential election.
CNN, ABC and NBC called Trump the winner over Democrat Hillary Clinton, providing 18 electoral votes of the 270 needed for a majority.
Clinton notches win in battleground state Virginia.

7:10 AM UAE time

The American community in UAE watched

6:43 AM UAE time

Trump leading in key swing state of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan - Joshua Atkinson, Dubai Director of Overseas Republicans UAE
Trump has slight edge on Clinton in several battleground states Republican Donald Trump held slight leads in the vital battleground states of Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio on Tuesday, clinging to a narrow advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in key states that could decide their race for the White House.

With voting completed in more than two-thirds of the 50 U.S. states, the race was too close to call in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Virginia, leaving the race for the White House on a knife's edge.

Countdown begins at the American Business Council (KT/Sherouk Zakaria)
Both candidates scored victories in states where they were expected to win.
Trump captured conservative states in the South and Midwest, while Clinton swept several states on the East Coast and Illinois in the Midwest.
But Trump's slight edge in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio gave him an early advantage in the state-by-state fight for 270 Electoral College votes needed to win.

6:32 AM UAE time

Asian markets volatile with eyes on US election
Investors across the planet have grown increasingly confident the former secretary of state will win the vote over firebrand tycoon Donald Trump.
Alert on Trump winning Colorado is wrong and is withdrawn
The alert saying ABC projected Trump as the winner in Colorado is wrong and is withdrawn. ABC did not project Trump as the winner in Colorado. There will be no substitute alert or story.

6:20 AM UAE time

It's a very tight race; Clinton's camp is surprised. States where Trump is winning he is winning big; Clinton states are moderate leads -  Joshua Atkinson, Dubai Director of Overseas Republicans UAE

6:17 AM UAE time

One dead, at least 2 wounded near California polling place
One person was killed and at least two wounded in gunfire on Tuesday near a polling station in the Southern California town of Azusa, prompting authorities to lock down the polling place, a surrounding park and adjacent schools, officials said.
There was no immediate indication that the incident about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Los Angeles was related to Election Day or the polling station, said Deputy Vincent Plair, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

6:00  AM UAE time

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were running neck and neck Tuesday in early results as polling stations closed in the eastern United States, with the world waiting anxiously to see who will win the historic White House clash.
A deeply divided electorate of about 200 million Americans were asked to make a momentous choice between electing the nation's first woman president, or handing the reins of power to a billionaire populist who has upended US politics with his improbable outsider campaign.
With voting over in a handful of states and Americans still lining up to cast their ballots farther west, television networks called eight states so far for the Republican Trump - Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.
Clinton was also credited with eight states - Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont --as well as the capital, Washington DC, giving her a notional lead in terms of electoral college votes.
But all eyes were on the tight race in Florida, a must-win race for Trump, who would find it hard to cobble together a majority without the Sunshine State's 29 electoral college votes.
If Florida goes to Clinton, the next big challenge will be Pennsylvania, which will likely decide the result of the long, bruising contest for the right to lead the world's biggest economy.

6:00  AM UAE time

Democrats gain one U.S. Senate seat so far, Republicans hold House
Majority control of the U.S. Senate was up for grabs in Tuesday's election, with 11 results called by major TV networks in the early evening, including one pickup by the Democrats in Illinois.
A handful of extremely tight Senate races remained too close to call, while the networks declared that Republicans had retained their majority in the House of Representatives.
The outcomes in both chambers will help determine how hard it will be for either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump to get things done as president.

5:15  AM UAE time

Obama and Trump's sons gave one last push to their voters, with acall to action video and radio interviews:

4:45  AM UAE time

Trump again raises possibility he will not accept outcome
Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton waged a tight battle in several crucial battleground states on Tuesday in their bitter race for the White House, although opinion polls showed Clinton had an edge in the closing hours of the campaign.
With voting completed in more than half of the 50 U.S. states, the race was too close to call in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia, states that could be vital to deciding which contender wins the presidency.
Both candidates scored early victories in states where they were expected to win. Trump captured conservative states in the South and Midwest, while Clinton swept several states on the East Coast and Illinois in the Midwest.

10:43 PM UAE time

Donald Trump and wife Melania cast vote in historic US election

Trump arrived around 11:00 am (1600 GMT) with a motorcade of limousines to the polling station at Public School 59 Beekman Hill International in midtown Manhattan where he was greeted with shouts of "New York hates you!" from among the hundreds outside

9:49 PM UAE time

Hillary Clinton has won by a landslide in the US Territory of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Although the territory is not a state and has no electoral votes - making the poll non-binding - the winner there has eventually been declared president in every election since 1984. Clinton won with 71.63 percent of the vote, compared to 24.16 percent for Trump.

8:59 PM UAE time

Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire

Though northeastern New Hampshire is one of the country's smallest states, Clinton and Trump have done battle here in recent days for its four electoral votes which could be decisive in a neck-and-neck race.
7:23 PM UAE time
US stocks dip as election day voting kicks off
The early losses followed a more than 2 percent surge in US stocks Monday as the S&P 500 broke a nine-day losing streak on increased confidence in Democrat Hillary Clinton's chances of victory.
5:31 PM UAE time
Hillary Clinton casts her vote
Chanting "Madam President," about 150 supporters turned out to cheer on the Democratic nominee who voted with husband Bill Clinton at an elementary school near their home in Chappaqua.
Beginning before dawn on Tuesday morning, millions of Americans headed to the polls to cast their ballots, bringing one of America's most memorable - and divisive - presidential elections to a close.
While voting officially began at 6 or 7am across most of the American East Coast, a number of small villages in New Hampshire held overnight voting and announced results shortly after midnight.
US Election 2016: All you need to know
Dixville Notch - which had a population of 12 in the 2010 census - quickly declared a victory for Hillary Clinton, with four votes in her favour compared to two for Donald Trump. In contrast, the nearby town of Millsfield voted overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate, with 16 votes cast in his favor and four for Clinton. Voting in a third hamlet, Hart's Location, ended with a 17-14 Clinton victory.
Elsewhere in America, crowds began converging on polling places before dawn, with many going early before heading to work.
In Washington DC - which leans heavily to the Democrats - the mood was jubilant, with many predicting a Clinton victory.
"Once this is all over and the people have spoken, Hillary will be the winner. It might be kind of close though," said Alex Garcia, a DC-resident of Hispanic origin. "Most of us will be happy about that, and relieved that this thing is over
Election fever had already gripped Washington DC and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia even before the polls opened on Tuesday. In DC, electoral officials recorded an "unprecedented" turnout of early voters, with 101,077 early votes cast by Friday - 77 per cent more than were cast in 2012.
Some voters, however, said they felt as if they were choosing between the lesser of two evils on Tuesday.
"I don't like either of them, at all," said Virginia voter Sylvia Pitts, who said she's voting for Clinton. "But I don't like one more than I don't like the other."
Trump and Clinton, for their part, both cast their ballots in the state of New York, with Trump voting in Manhattan and Clinton - along with husband Bill - at a polling place near her home in the town of Chappaqua.

Both candidates seemed confident as the polls opened. Clinton had a wide grin on her face as she waved to a crowd of about 200 supporters in Westchester Airport in New York, where she landed before headed to Chappaqua. Trump took to Twitter to express himself, writing just before 7am that "today we make America great again!".
Both candidates had events planned in New York City to monitor the results, with Trump and his supporters holding an uncharacteristically "low-key" gathering at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, with Clinton and her backers at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre just 20 blocks away.
Unless the elections are too close to call in certain states, news channels are expected to begin "calling" a winner at shortly after 2300 EST (8am Wednesday, UAE time). In the last several elections, the loser has given the concession speech soon after, at about midnight (9am UAE time).
It remains unclear, however, whether Trump will accept the results of the elections in the event of a loss.
(With inputs from Bernd Debusmann Jr., Agencies) 

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