UAE National Day: 'Floating lake on a lake', drone fireworks for grand show in Hatta

Stunning engineering feat to be broadcast live on all local TV channels, official website


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Sun 28 Nov 2021, 12:51 PM

Last updated: Sun 28 Nov 2021, 6:05 PM

Pushing the limits of engineering, the upcoming theatrical show to be staged in Hatta, as part of the UAE's Golden Jubilee celebration, will not only see a 'floating lake on a lake' but also drones to lift the fireworks to a height, creating a mesmerising illusion, like never before.

"What is extraordinary about this show is that it is not only a stage that's set up in the middle of the Hatta Dam floating in this beautiful landscape, but it also has a lot to do with new technology in terms of pyrotechnics and water projections," said Shaikha Al Ketbi, Artistic Director, UAE 50th National Day Executive Team, during a virtual media briefing on Sunday.

The ceremony is set against the scenic Hajar mountains and Hatta Dam backdrop and will be streamed live on December 2.

"We've explored with the pyrotechnics – it's a new way of using less pyro to elevate the effects into the air. So we are using drones to lift the firework to a height, and then we use a combination of drone and fireworks to create a new illusion," said Es Devlin, Artistic Director, UAE 50th National Day Executive Team.

"In addition, we are creating projections in mid-air through the use of water screens as well as a huge sculptural element that is, again, floating. So all of this is pushing engineering to its limits here in Hatta."


The show will be broadcast on the UAE National Day official website and all local TV channels from 5:30 pm onwards, promising to take everyone on a storytelling journey about the nation's history.

"The Emiratis and the planet have been co-existing as instinctive engineers from the beginnings of time. So, a symbiotic relationship with the weather, with the time of the year, with the constellations, with the tides has always been something that's been at the heart of the Emirati culture and practice," Devlin adds.

"The show aims to look at the very deep past of this, while looking ahead at the future and how this could help with some of the crises we currently face."

Kholoud Sharafi, Brand Designer from Tinkah of the UAE 50th National Day team, mentioned how she was inspired by archival materials such as postage stamps, television footage, celebratory letters published in newspapers and even street signage and decorations from around the country.

Organisers highlighted the preparations for the celebrations in Hatta started more than 142 days ago.

Butti Al Muhairi, Head of Operations of the UAE 50th National Day Executive team, says, “More than 1,400 individuals from over 100 nationalities worked for a total of more than one million and 500 thousand man-hours on site.”

The scintillating show will be a fusion of traditional Emirati songs with international music. Music Composer, Mohammed Al Ahmed, of the UAE 50th National Day team highlighted that this year’s celebrations will include orchestral performances and the tribal vocal art of Al-Nadba and Al-Ruwah, traditionally performed nationally celebratory occasions.

He added that the celebrations will also include music from traditional dance performances such as Al-Ayala, Al-Harbiya, etc. The show will also include poetry which will be featured prominently during the festivities signifying its prominent role in UAE culture.

The spectacular show is open to the public, starting from the 4 until the 12 December, 2021. Tickets are available on

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