This 62-year-old Emirati has spent 40 years in service of the UAE

Ajman - This country has given us so much and we are glad to share this special occasion and give back to it, says Mohamed Saeed Al Nuaimi


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 19 Aug 2021, 8:51 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 Aug 2021, 11:25 PM

An Emirati sexagenarian who has seen the UAE grow from a desert state to one of the world’s leading nations, says he could not have been prouder as the UAE celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Mohamed Saeed Al Nuaimi, 62, is a proud Emirati who has spent 40 of those years in various government positions and also represented the UAE at various fora.

He said despite the UAE being a young nation — having been formed in 1971 — it had made remarkable progress in humanitarian, social, economic, political and technological fields, positioning the country among the most advanced nations in the world.

The 50th anniversary is a source of pride for Emiratis and residents who call the UAE home, he said, reflecting the unity, love, loyalty and commitment to the beloved country and its prudent leadership. “This country has given us so much and we are glad to share this special occasion and give back to it.”

Al Nuaimi, who served as a high-ranking police officer in Ajman for 30 years, said he had devoted his life to serve his motherland through various government positions or representing his country at regional and international meets. “After the establishment of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding father of the UAE, told me that I will be sent to Kuwait to study at the police academy and asked me to come back to serve the country and ensure safety for Emiratis and residents, and implement the measures for the development of the country,” recalled Al Nuaimi. “These words continue to ring in my ears. I then decided to devote my life in serving the country through my service in the police, in private business, or in any other position.”

After he retired from the police service, Al Nuaimi established a school in Ajman for the children of the citizens and residents. With his knowledge about the economy and the different sectors, he provides advice to those wishing to invest in Ajman. He also has many successful companies, including in the garment sector. He also has one of the largest companies in the country for spices, grains and foodstuff, and exports half of its production.

Al Nuaimi has also served as a board member in the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, besides working in various committees to ensure economic growth. He has also forged partnerships with businesses across the world, thus supporting the local economy in Ajman — the most prominent of them being an Arab and Indian spice factory, with an investment of Dh8.5 million.

Recalling the last 50 years of the UAE and its achievements, Al Nuaimi praised the wise leadership starting from the late Sheikh Zayed to the present-day Rulers who have helped transform the country from a people diving in the sea for pearls and fish, to a nation that is today among the few in the world to have conquered space by sending the Hope Probe to Mars, and also reaching the height of technological prowess by establishing a nuclear energy plant.

He said that even as the world was hit badly by the Covid-19 pandemic, it did not slow down the UAE, as it took on the pandemic head on through an aggressive vaccination and testing drive making it one of the safest destinations for residents, tourists and investors. During the pandemic, the country was super successful in implementing remote work practices and managed to overcome all challenges.

The introduction of new visa schemes, the way the UAE handled the Covid-19 crisis, the way the country continues to grow despite all challenges is testimony to the principles sowed by the great leakers and have attracted many to make the UAE their home, he added.

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