Why I prefer catching up with friends over breakfast

When someone agrees to meet you for breakfast, it probably means they care about you. They want to have the first meal of the day with you, break the fast literally

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Sushmita Bose

Published: Thu 11 Aug 2022, 6:09 PM

There’s something a little bit delectable about meeting a good friend for breakfast. Having lunch or dinner, or even “let’s do a coffee” — or “a matcha tea at that organic place” — is too boring. I find brunches very pretentious even as you try to eat as much as you can, they become a stuffing-your-face contest… unless it’s one of those ‘set brunches’ where expectations are set too high, and usually come crashing down. But since you cannot be whining about it, you make do with some effete claim like “Oh, how nice the food is!”

When someone agrees to meet you for breakfast, it probably means they care about you. They want to have the first meal of the day with you, break the fast literally. Also, they don’t mind waking up earlier than usual, and giving up on some precious shuteye time (especially if it’s the weekend when most of us sleep in late).

I like how unfussy a breakfast usually is. I’m perfectly happy to have a nice omelette and some crisp toast and a cappuccino. Or idlis smeared with ghee, and filter coffee. You don’t have to beat your head against the wall and try and come off as a culinary expert: any half-decent café will serve your purpose, and you can never be in a quandary over not being spoilt for choice — not unless you are being horribly nitpicky.

Wasn’t it John Gunther who said “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”? He probably included the word “leisurely” because it is one meal that can indeed be leisurely: it doesn’t lend itself to be taken seriously — in the ambient sense. Another great thing about it is you don’t have to “dress up” for breakfast. It’s a given that you are probably going to be dressed down — even if it’s somewhere fancy — because who bothers thinking about high fashion and colour coordination while having breakfast? The men waddle in in their shorts and tees, the women are not compelled to have makeup on and hair done. There’s a sense of utter homey-ness.

The place where I live these days is surrounded by breakfast places, aka, cafés. That’s another plus for me. I can ask the other party to traipse down to my corner of the city.

But the absolute best part is there’s a Tiffany Tower next to where I live, which has a tall gaze that stretches far and wide. Wherever you sit, chances are you’ll be close to it, you might even see it if you are next to a window or a glass wall… and even if you don’t see it whilst you are seated for breakfast, you will definitely espy it when you are hovering in the area. Feels nice to be in the zone where Tiffany Tower is within striking distance and you are entitled to feel — however fleetingly — like Holly Golightly (that’s what Audrey Hepburn’s character is called in Breakfast at Tiffany’s).

The first time I noticed Tiffany Tower was when I was on my way to breakfast at a tiny south Indian restaurant called Madrasi Café, which serves killer heart-shaped podi idlis. I’d known that there’s a building named so, but somehow the cinematic connect had eluded me till that very moment.

So, these days, I think I am perfectly justified when I call up someone and ask, “Shall we do breakfast at Tiffany’s?”


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