Woman swamped by over 150 Amazon packages she never ordered

New York - At one point, the deliveries, which had her address but not her name, came “by freight trucks on pallets.”

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By Web Report

Published: Fri 25 Jun 2021, 10:06 AM

After receiving more than 150 Amazon packages she never ordered, a New York woman is creating DIY mask kits for patients at local children’s hospital.

According to CNN, the boxes, which bore her address but not her name, first began arriving at Jillian Cannan’s door on June 5.

"I thought my business partner had ordered something for our studio that we were waiting for on backorder," she said. "So I opened them up to condense the boxes and I realized they were mask brackets."

Cannan believed it was a simple mistake after her business partner confirmed she hadn’t ordered the packages.

She called Amazon after more boxes began to sHow up at her door; she was told to keep the packages and put in a ticket for the error. However, more and more packages kept coming in from different carriers, piling up to the point where her friend’s mother remarked that she could no longer see her front door.

Cannan called Amazon again, but no one could figure out if the packages were part of a scam or just a common mistake. Cannan said Amazon worked really hard to try to get the packages to stop. She and her husband even tried to refuse them at one point without any luck.

"Then they started coming by freight trucks on pallets in our driveway," she said.

Amazon eventually figured out who the original recipient was for the packages, but Amazon told her that she would have to keep the items already delivered or those that were in transit. This was when Cannan, who owns a creative studio, decided to create the DIY mask kits to be donated to their local children’s hospital. She is also talking to other hospitals to donate the rest.

"It's kind of taken on this own little life of its own and it's really cool that people want to be able to give back and do something," Cannan said. "With everything going on right now, it's just crazy how it all kind of happened."

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