Woman slashes her partner's throat to save him

Woman slashes her partners throat to save him

New Zealand - She performed a tracheotomy on him which she had studied in her 20's.

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Published: Sun 11 Mar 2018, 7:44 AM

Last updated: Sun 11 Mar 2018, 9:49 AM

A 45-year-old midwife saved the life of her boyfriend by cutting open his airways with a knife after he choked on a piece of steak at a barbecue.
The incident happened last month in North Island of New Zealand when Sarah Glass and her 50-year-old boyfriend Isak Bester was enjoying barbecue together.
Initially, Sarah had tried giving CPR and mouth-to-mouth on  Bester to resuscitate him. 
  "He was completely purple, but we were getting air in and it looked like we might be able to keep him going," Sarah told the Daily Mail Australia.
"After about eight minutes we were no longer getting air into him. The piece of steak had moved, so he was now turning a very nasty shade of purple and he was dying in front of us," she said.  
She immediately asked for a sharp object to puncture his windpipe.
 "I can't get air in him - I'm going to have to cut him," she said. 
She got a Stanley knife blade and cut underneath his Adams apple. 
"I felt relief when I was handed the blade," she added.
She performed a tracheotomy on him which she had studied in her 20's. The man was soon airlifted to the hospital for treatment and recovered well  
 "He was lying in a puddle of blood, I had blood all up my arms," she said. 
"I didn't notice until my friend handed me a flannel that I was covered in his blood."

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