Video: TV anchor interrupts live broadcast to demand salary

Lusaka - The news presenter claimed that the station hadn’t given him or several of his colleagues their pay cheques.

By Web Report

Published: Sun 27 Jun 2021, 5:00 PM

Footage of a Zambian news presenter demanding his salary on live television has gone viral.

According to WIONews, KBN TV News anchor Kabinda Kalimina was reading out the top news stories of the day when he interrupted himself to claim live on air that neither he nor several of his colleagues had been paid by the station.

"We are human beings, ladies and gentlemen, away from the news. We must be compensated. We haven't been paid at KBN, unfortunately," he said.

The news channel slammed Kalimina’s “drunken behaviour” as a “one-night stunt of fame.” Kalimina has since refuted the station’s allegation that he was intoxicated when he made the statement, pointing to the fact that he had presented other shows earlier.

Kennedy K Mambwe, the CEO of KBN TV, released a statement on the channel’s Facebook page admonishing Kalimina’s actions.

“As management, we are carrying out investigations to determine how a drunken part-time presenter found himself on air unabated and disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who may have been party to the scheme,” the statement read.

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