Video: Plane wobbles amid storm, aborts landing

Video: Plane wobbles amid storm, aborts landing

London - The weather conditions were not conducive.

By London

Published: Tue 25 Sep 2018, 12:58 PM

Last updated: Tue 25 Sep 2018, 3:14 PM

In a heart-stopping moment, Air France plane wobbled and was buffeted sideways while it attempted to land Birmingham Airport amidst strong winds.  
The weather conditions were not conducive for landing as wind gusts of 44 mph during Storm Ali kept the plane airborne as it skimmed across the tarmac last Wednesday. 
Air France said that the pilots aborted landing as the Airbus A319 is swept sideways during descent and all safety requirements were not met. The video of a nail-biting landing attempt on CNN  shows the pilots manoeuvring the plane and taking flight again as they run out of the tarmac. The plane successfully landed during the second attempt 15 minutes later, states the footage on CNN. 
A gust of 33 mph tailwinds can cause an aircraft to have issues depending on if it is at a cruising speed but damaging winds are classified as those exceeding 50-60 mph, according to Daily Mail.

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