UK: Some royal staff used to call Meghan Markle ‘narcissistic sociopath’, says book

US media reports say Valentine Low's book details the alleged bad behaviour by Meghan and Prince Harry towards their staff

Meghan Markle. — AP file
Meghan Markle. — AP file


Published: Sun 25 Sep 2022, 10:06 PM

Author Valentine Low has written a book about the staff who work for the royal families called 'Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown'. In the book, she quoted many staff who worked for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during their term as senior royals in the UK.

According to the New York Post, the book details the alleged bad behaviour by Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, towards their staff.

In the book, the author has even quoted a royal staffer calling Meghan a "narcissistic sociopath".

According to the New York Post, staff members coined the epithet for the Duchess of Sussex, according to a report in The Sun citing excepts from the explosive tome.

According to Page Six, "there were a lot of broken people", an insider claimed to author Valentine Low.

"Young women were broken by their behaviour," the palace source added.

Valentine Low cites one alleged occasion in her book, in which Markle scolded a young female worker in front of other co-workers.

"Don't worry. If there was literally anyone else I could ask to do this, I would be asking them instead of you," Markle allegedly told the staffer, with whom she had been working to execute a plan of sorts.

According to Page Six, the book also recalls numerous occasions when Meghan verbally attacked staffers. She allegedly became furious with one employee over a mishap involving the press at a public engagement.

A former royal aide said that Harry and Meghan contacted them frequently while out to dinner on a Friday night, only to scold the worker.

"Every 10 minutes I had to go outside to be screamed at by her and Harry. It was, 'I can't believe you've done this. You've let me down. What were you thinking?'" they alleged. "It went on for a couple of hours."

According to Page Six, the book further reads that the calls allegedly began the next morning again and ensued "for days”. The ex-employee elaborated: "You could not escape them."

Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family in 2020. And, after relieving themselves of all royal obligations, Harry and Meghan relocated to Montecito, California.

The couple recently visited the UK to be around family during the Queen's demise.

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