Terror attack on Egyptian church blasted

Speaker of the Arab Parliament Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan has condemned the terrorist attack on a church at Al Warrak neighborhood in Cairo on Sunday, and in which unidentified gunmen showered a wedding gathering with bullets, killing a number of innocent people including children, and injuring 17 others.

By (Wam)

Published: Tue 22 Oct 2013, 11:49 PM

Last updated: Wed 19 Feb 2020, 8:46 PM

Al Jarwan described the attack cowardly, which marred the celebrations of the people.
“Terrorism has no home, nor religion, and targets the security and stability not only in Egypt but all the countries of the world”, he said.
In a statement, Al Jarwan urged the Egyptian people to join hands in confronting extremism and terrorism, and to thwart all the attempts which intend to destabilise the security of the country.
He also called on the Egyptian government to take highest measures to nib the terrorism in the bud. He called for concerted efforts to combat the menace, and confront it strongly and strictly.

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