Students crowdfund holiday for cleaner in UK

Students crowdfund holiday for cleaner in UK

London - People from all across have been drawn to the story.

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Published: Sat 22 Sep 2018, 11:40 AM

Last updated: Sat 22 Sep 2018, 2:09 PM

Goodness generates positive vibes and brings about goodness in return. 
A cleaner at the Bristol University, UK - Herman Gordon - who always goes an extra mile to be nice to people - was rewarded back by the students who raised 1,500 pounds (Dh7,200) for him so he could enjoy a week-long holiday in Jamaica with his family.
Herman had not been able to visit his family for around a decade. Thanks to the 230 students from the university, Herman and his wife Denise celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary at a five-star resort in Jamaica.
In May, Herman was dubbed as the "jolliest man" on a post on Bristruths, the anonymous confessions page for Bristol University. After this, Hadi Al-Zubaidi, a 20-year-old medicine student at Bristol, anonymously posted that he was starting a crowdfunding page for him, BBC reported.
The response to the post was overwhelming. Donations started pouring in and within a week, the target was met.
Herman couldn't stifle his tears when he was handed over the money and told about the trip. The video went viral in June.
Bristruths Facebook page shared the details of his Jamaica sojourn a couple of days ago. It said: "We're delighted to say that Herman loved his holiday at a five-star resort in Jamaica along with his wife Denise. They celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary there and have gone on to visit family in Kingston." The post attracted over 2,600 'likes'.  
"God bless you all. Everybody will see this and think that I'm a trillionaire," said Herman, according to the post.
People from all across have been drawn to Herman's story. It has also evoked reactions.
"The purest thing to ever come out of Bristol," wrote one commenter on Facebook. "A wonderful thing..." said another.
"He spends the whole time being nice to everybody, it's about time we were nice to him," says Hadi, the student who kicked off the crowdfunding campaign.

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