Students come back to life after being 'dead' for 6 hours

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Students, come back, life, dead, for 6 hours, BBC documentary, 12 classmates

School trip turned into a disaster after they fell into ice-cold waters along with a group of others.

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Published: Fri 6 Dec 2019, 3:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 6 Dec 2019, 5:38 PM

It was nothing short of a miracle when seven schoolchildren, 'frozen to death' for six hours after their boat capsized in an icy lake, came back to life after doctors 'warmed up their blood'.
According to reports in Daily Mail, a BBC documentary 'Life after Death: How seven kids came back from the dead', shows how the students' hearts stopped beating for several hours after the accident in 2011. Survivors Katrine, now in her mid-20s, and Casper, said their Danish school trip turned into a disaster after they fell into ice-cold waters along with a group of others.
Katrine, who was on a school trip with 12 classmates, recalled: "I remember now. It was so freezing - it was so cold. There was ice on the water." While another survivor Casper added: "It was hard weather. It was very windy. The boat flipped in the middle of the sea, then all the people fell out."
Recounting the terrifying accident, Katrine said, "When I came up from the water, the nightmare began. The teacher said that we had to swim in, because otherwise we would die." She added that the water was just two degrees Celsius and that they were hundreds of metres from land.
Dr Michael Jaegar Wansche, who helped the children on arrival at the hospital, said: "They felt cold - they were ice cold. When you're as cold as they were, we know we can resuscitate. They are dead, but they're not really dead. We still had a chance."
The children's hearts had stopped beating and their metabolism had also slowed. "At that point, we aimed at warming the blood one degree per 10 minutes," Wansche added. Miraculously, after being clinically dead for six hours, all of the children's hearts started beating again.

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