Stay for free at this hotel, on this condition

Stay for free at this hotel, on this condition

All the guests have to do is perform some tasks at the 'bed and breakfast' accommodations to avail the free stay.

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Published: Sat 27 Oct 2018, 1:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 27 Oct 2018, 7:56 PM

How about staying at cosy hotels which may have an outdoor pool, a balcony overlooking the sea, or antique rooms with luxury bath spaces, for free? Barter Week is a new scheme offering free stay in B&Bs that can cost up to £1,200 for a week.
All the guests have to do is perform some tasks at the 'bed and breakfast' accommodations to avail the free stay. Tasks may include posting pictures on Instagram, gardening and teaching the owners how to make pizza, interesting isn't it?
So far 450 B&Bs from 60 countries have signed up to take part in the initiative, which is running from November 19 to 25.
Those B&Bs interested to take part in Barter Week have to upload images and a description of their accommodation online and suggest what they would like in return for offering the accommodation for free. Participating B&Bs vary from luxury houses and hotels to spare rooms in people's houses.
One of the B&Bs offering free stays is the 1720 Quinta da Cancela country house near the city of Braga in northern Portugal. The family-run property has its own vineyard, an outdoor pool and a balcony that has a beautiful view across the Portuguese countryside. Here, staying costs around £100 per night but guests who can help out with stone masonry work or landscape gardening around the estate can stay for free.
While, another property in Italy, the Il Querceto in Perugia, is a converted farmhouse where spending a night costs £100. The B&B has a swimming pool as well as five spacious bedrooms surrounded by the lush hills of the Tiber Valley. All the guests have to do to grab the free stays is help out with maintenance, such as plumbing, electrical work and masonry.
The Ferrieha Farmhouse on the island of Gozo in Malta usually charges guests around £100 per night and it includes a large swimming pool and a wood heated sauna. Guests can stay for free by helping to update its website or create a piece of art for the property.
While at the Il Palagetto Guest House in Florence is offering a free stay during Barter Week to a social media expert who can create an Instagram campaign. The Al Battistero d'Oro B&B in Parma is offering a free room to tourists who can film a promotional video for the accommodation.
Although, there are some B&Bs participating in the Barter Week without specifying any requests to avail free stay, tourists can still stay for free by offering a barter of their own. For example they might like to bring wine or homemade food, or perhaps teach a foreign language.
Like, staying six nights at the Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga in Tennessee could cost £1,200 but a barter deal is open for guests to stay for free.
Barter Week is the first international version of a similar scheme in Italy called La Settimana del Baratto. Italy has the most B&Bs taking part in Barter Week with 316 signed up. Besides, there are 19 properties in the UK, eight B&Bs in the United States and a charming colonial house in Tasmania, Australia taking part. There are also B&Bs available in places such as Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, according to Daily Mail report.

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