Six milion affected by floods so far

KARACHI — Recent monsoon rains and floods in Sindh have so far killed nearly 300 people and affected six million others. The floods have also caused damage to an area of 7.987 million acres of land, destroyed crops and left hundreds of thousands of cattle dead.

The latest figures were released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), saying that all 23 districts of the province including Karachi and Hyderabad Karachi have been affected by the unexpected heavy rains and flooding.

The floods have fully damaged 539,899 houses while another 8,48,412 houses have been damaged partially while more than 80,000 livestock have been washed away by the floodwater.

The crops including cotton, banana, dates, chilli and sugarcane on 2,800,000 acres of land have been destroyed or affected. More than 31,960 villages have been badly affected by the floods.

The first spell of rain that started on August 11 mainly affected seven districts of the Sindh, while an ongoing second spell hit the entire province, including Karachi and the worst affected was Badin.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who has cancelled his visit to the United States, visited some of the affected districts on Saturday and appealed to the international community and philanthropists at home and abroad to help rehabilitate victims of the recent torrential rains and flash floods in Sindh.

The prime minister has also constituted a high-level committee to supervise, monitor and coordinate relief and rehabilitation efforts in the rain affected areas of Sindh.

Pakistan Cards are being issued by the government to provide financial assistance to the flood victims and Rs20,000 will be given to each affected family. Pakistan Army and Navy rescue teams have been actively engaged in relief operations and so far rescued more than 100,000 marooned people along with their cattle from the flooded areas.

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