How a nanny's job offer went viral, faced severe backlash

London - Employer’s unreasonable demands included cooking, cleaning, tutoring, caring for kids, pets for $13 an hour.


By Web Report

Published: Fri 20 Nov 2020, 3:01 PM

While it's not uncommon to come across unreasonable job demands from some employers, a vacancy for a nanny has gone viral after the employer made absurd demands from the applicant, and all for a paltry salary of $13 an hour.

The job listing which was shared on the Reddit website elicited a huge backlash from people who ridiculed the employer. The demands included cooking, cleaning, teaching the kids, going on grocery runs, looking after the pets, and more, for salary of $13 an hour, according to a report on Mail Online.

"Just say you want a slave. Because with these requirements and this pay, this is essentially asking for someone to willingly slave themselves for them," wrote a commenter response to the post.

However, that’s not the entire list of duties demanded from the nanny. The low-paying job also required her to have a Bachelor's degree, able to converse in multiple languages like Spanish and Portuguese and to top it all should be of an age between 25-30.

Below is a full listing of the irrational job description:

1. The applicant has to care for kids ages eight and 13 — prepare them for school, make their meals, drive them to school and teach them.

2. Do the laundry, cleaning, care for the pets, run to the grocery, bank or pharmacy.

3. Work timings from Monday-Friday from 11 am to 7 pm and during summer from 9 am to 6 pm. The applicant also has to work full days when the children are on holidays or sick at home.

4. They should be able to drive and have their own car

The posting earned severe backlash online from people who were outraged by the employer's demands, according to the report.

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