Rangers nab target killer, unearth torture cell

KARACHI — Rangers on Sunday claimed to have arrested a target killer from the violence-torn and ethnically divided locality of Qasba Colony and discovered a torture cell in Katti Pahari.

The arrest came after a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of police raided hideouts of the criminals in Qasba Colony on credible reports from agencies and the suspect had allegedly confessed to killing of three people and then burying them.

Police official Raja Umar Khattab told newsmen here that an encounter took place in the Qasba Colony early on Sunday after which the suspect was arrested and the SIU on information from the accused recovered a mutilated body buried in the hills as well as a torture cell.

In another search and raid operation, the Rangers claimed to have apprehended several suspects from P and T Colony of Gizri and recovered huge quantity of arms. The Rangers, after being given special powers to launch operations in Karachi last month when Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) took suo motu action over target killings in the city, the paramilitary wing of the Pakistan Army has claimed to have arrested hundreds of suspects and unearthed several torture cells.

Most of them were later released after they were found not involved in any criminal activity and so far none has been produced before the court of law.


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