‘Proud to be Turkish’

‘Proud to be Turkish’

Dubai resident Lale Ansingh is proud of her Turkish roots. She approaches every opportunity with an optimistic outlook, no matter the circumstances

By Suchitra Steven Samuel

Published: Tue 30 Oct 2012, 4:13 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 3:17 PM

Lale Ansingh is the Founder and Managing Director of Rawaj International, a leading boutique PR agency that opened its doors a decade ago at Dubai Media City. Ansingh started her career within the hospitality, travel and aviation industries.

In conversation…

What is the best advice that you’ve received?

Count your blessings and always be thankful.

In what ways has business changed over the years?

Social media has been the strongest new influence in communications in the last decade.

What do you like most about running your professional life?

The diversity of the portfolio. I feel as if I am learning each and every day. It is literally impossible to deal with so many different industries in any other profession.

What do you like the least about your professional life?

The fact that there may not be sufficient time to strategise and build a tactical approach. Hence, this can compromise the effectiveness of a PR campaign.

While living and working in Saudi Arabia, her role within the Al Nahda Philanthropic Society and Al Manahil Centre helped her in strategic planning and implementation in public relations. This enabled her to establish close working relations with senior government officials, opinion leaders, corporate executives of major national and international companies and various members of the Saudi Royal family.

Being a citizen of Turkey has always been an endless source of pride for Ansingh. “For years I have been watching how the ties between my country and my ‘home’ have become more and more closer. From the most simple things such as the insatiable popularity of the Turkish TV series in the GCC region to the mutual respect for either country’s food, culture, holiday spots, art and music,” she explains.

“The Turkish Business Council in Dubai is bringing an incredibly interesting group of people together and in each and every gathering I discover how much more ground has been covered in Turkey-UAE relations,” she adds.

From an economic standpoint, Ansingh says that she is proud of the significant growth that Turkey, as an emerging market, has experienced over the last decade. “With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey is now being recognised as a predominant player in the global economic realm,” she adds.

Ansingh has always been an admirer of the force of public relations. “For me, it is the strongest tool for building a client’s image and reputation and providing him with a plethora of platforms to generate brand awareness, develop his brand image and encourage a strong following from your brand’s community. Perception is everything. I have always been enchanted by its power,” she asserts.

Over the last decade, Rawaj has solidified a comprehensive network of opinion leaders, senior executives, and highly regarded government entities within the UAE and GCC region.

“We have handled the UAE and GCC public relations practices (Media and Event Management) for a robust client portfolio,” she informs.

Ansingh is truly passionate and articulate and stands her ground for what she believes to be fair, accurate and just. “I see every project I embark upon with the same determination and diligence as if it was my very first,” she concludes. — suchitra@khaleejtimes.com

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