Premier Muslim-friendly abode in Japan

Premier Muslim-friendly abode in Japan
Kyo-Kaiseki cuisine

Nestled in Kyoto, Hotel Granvia is attuned and sensitive to the needs of Muslim guests

Kyoto has been Japan's ancient imperial capital for over 1,000 years. Its rich history is preserved through many traditions, arts and crafts, and cultural practices observed till date. The place is endowed with natural beauty, and its seasonally changing landscape is a spectacle for most tourists.
Kyoto is also home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Japanese kaiseki cuisine, and the famous geiko and maiko (apprentice geiko), offering its visitors unique experiences, tastes, shopping opportunities, and memories that last a lifetime.
The destination is gaining significant popularity in the Gulf countries, as many tourists from the region hop on to long haul flights to bask in the country's natural, historical and spiritual offerings. More and more tourists from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman are flocking to the Far East, especially to Kyoto as per statistics. The total number of visitors from the region to Kyoto has risen by 37 per cent in 2015 compared to 2014.

Consequently, many hotels and lodgings are taking cognisance of the needs of Muslim travellers and tourists. In 2013, Hotel Granvia Kyoto became the first hotel in Western Japan to offer halal-certified food at Le Temp, its café restaurant. A year later, in April 2014, its Japanese restaurant Ukihashi too earned the local halal certificate from Malaysia Halal Corporation Co. Ltd. (MCH), making it one of the premier Muslim-friendly hotels in the country that serve delicious and certified halal meals in a variety of choices including Japanese as well as western cuisine.
Over the last few years, the hotel has notched up its service and offerings to make its Muslim guests as comfortable as possible. All of its 535 stylishly decorated guest rooms have the Qibla direction sign on the ceiling. The rooms are equipped with prayer mats, a copy of the holy Quran, and alcohol-free mini bars, which can be prepared upon request. The hotel can also make provisions for a prayer room for group travellers.
By early spring 2017, Hotel Granvia also plans to equip guest rooms with halal-certified toiletries, which will include shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, make-up remover, and facial soap. "We believe that high-quality halal products cater not just to Muslim guests but to all," says its spokesperson.
Besides, the hotel is conveniently located above the Kyoto station, which is a landmark architectural wonder known as the Kyoto Station Building Complex. The complex houses Kyoto Station - a major hub for the Japan Rail 'Shinkansen' bullet trains and local trains, as well as the Kintetsu private train lines, subway lines, the city bus terminal and taxi stands.

The Kyoto's Islamic Culture Centre too is in proximity to the complex. Guests can get directions and access maps from the concierge of the hotel and obtain information on other halal restaurants in Kyoto.
The hotel's staff is attuned and sensitive to the needs of Muslim guests, making all efforts to live up to their expectations and demands.
As a place where Kyoto's long history of tradition and culture co-exist in perfect harmony with a modern and urban environment, Hotel Granvia Kyoto provides a unique experience to its guests.
The leading Muslim-friendly hotel assures all its Muslim guests a safe, comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable stay.

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