PML-N will not support ‘corrupt govt’: Sharif

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that his party will not join any “puppet show” to change the government but insisted it would also not back the present ‘corrupt set up’.

By Afzal Khan

Published: Sat 1 Jan 2011, 10:47 AM

Last updated: Mon 17 Feb 2020, 11:41 AM

“We will not support any move against the government at the behest of invisible hands and play for any puppeteer,” Sharif said while addressing the 104thfoundation day of the Muslim League in Lahore. “We won’t become a part of any puppet show as we’ve buried the dirty politics (of ’90s) forever,” he said.?But Sharif said that corruption in government departments was a crucial issue; people were being appointed on important posts in violation of court rulings.
Referring to political instability in the country, Sharif said that Pakistan could not afford another martial law.
Removing the impression that his party was indirectly supporting the PPP-led government, Sharif said that the PML-N only wanted continuity of democracy. He warned that problems would multiply if those who violated the constitution in the past were not held accountable. “Pakistan was not created for the rule of the establishment,” he added.
He blamed the government for ignoring the volatile situation in Balochistan. “We have not learnt a lesson from the East Pakistan debacle as the same mistakes are being repeated in Balochistan,” Sharif said.
In a veiled reference to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Sharif said the people who have been a part of the government for the past three years despite all its corrupt practices and embezzlement, are in fact supporting it. They are making lot of noise vowing to bring about a resolution but they had also supported Gen. Musharraf’s dictatorial regime, Sharif said.
He said that Pakistan must be watchful of US plans to leave Afghanistan in 2014. Pakistan wants a friendly and not a subordinate Afghanistan, he added.

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