Oman police seek public help to nab intruders

MUSCAT — Authorities in Oman have once again appealed for cooperation from the public in their drive to nab foreigners illegally entering the country as ten more infiltrators were arrested by police.Hundreds of intruders have been detained since a reinforced campaign was launched about two years ago to address the issue.

The latest group of ten infiltrators, of different nationalities, were arrested from various governorates and regions of the country, police said.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP), seeking the public cooperation, underlined that people entering the country illegally posed a grave threat to the society, adding: “They will not hesitate to commit crimes to earn a livelihood or improve their living conditions... Citizens and residents must cooperate with police by reporting infiltration cases.”

Meanwhile, police have foiled an attempt to smuggle diesel out of the country in a large water tank. The culprit was detained at the customs checkpoint in the niyabat of Rawdha.

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