Millionaire crypto influencer’s chopped body found stuffed in suitcase in Argentina

A motive behind the brutal crime is yet to be ascertained; however, authorities suspect he was killed over his mounting debts


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File photo

Published: Fri 28 Jul 2023, 7:30 PM

Argentine millionaire and crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba, who went missing last week, was found dead on July 23. The dismembered body of the 41-year-old entrepreneur was discovered inside a suitcase near a stream in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, according to media reports.

Algaba, who sold and rented luxury cars and has nearly a million followers on Instagram, had been missing since July 19. He was living in Miami before moving to Barcelona earlier this year. Algaba had recently returned to Buenos Aires.

The millionaire’s mutilated body was found inside a red suitcase by two children who were playing football near a stream in the town of Ingeniero Budge on Sunday, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

When police arrived at the scene, they initially found the forearms and legs of Algaba. The remains of the influencer had bullet injuries, and the body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting that it could be the work of a professional, local media reported.

The victim’s arm was discovered later after waste was removed from the stream. Spanish daily El Pais reported that authorities found Algaba’s head and torso after searching the place.

Police identified Algaba’s remains by his fingerprints and a four-letter tattoo on his hand. An autopsy revealed that Algaba was shot three times before his body was chopped into pieces, the Daily Mail report added.

Algaba had rented an apartment in Argentina a week before his body was found. According to the house’s owner, he was supposed to return the key on July 19 but did not do so, reported the New York Post.

The police have arrested a person in connection with Algaba’s alleged murder. The motive behind the crime has not been ascertained yet. However, authorities suspect Algaba was killed over his mounting debts, the report added.

Who was Fernando Perez Algaba?

Algaba was a crypto influencer and millionaire known by his friends as Lechuga (lettuce). He started working at the age of 14 and managed to amass significant wealth by the age of 24. He owned a large warehouse with a large fleet of high-end cars, bikes, and jet skis. He founded a luxury car and jet ski rental firm in Miami before moving to Barcelona.

Algaba traded cryptocurrency and had over 25 employees working under him in Buenos Aires, reported

Algaba was reportedly under debt and got into legal trouble with the lenders. He also had disputes with a violent gang, Barra Bravas, which had demanded a loan of $60,000 from him.


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