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Man tries to clean wife's make-up brushes, gets it 'horribly wrong'

Dubai - The husband was attempting to do something nice for his wife when his good deed backfired.

By Web Report

Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 2:57 PM

Last updated: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 3:23 PM

Kevin K was trying to be helpful to his wife when he had a rude awakening after his good deed went horribly wrong.

After listening to his wife complain about the trouble she had to go through to clean her extensive collection of make-up brushes, he decided to surprise her by cleaning them for her while she was at work one day.

According to a report in Mirror, instead of washing the brushes individually, he decided to put all of them together into the dishwasher to give them a thorough rinse.

But Kevin was in for a huge shock. When the cleaning cycle ended and he removed the brushes from the machine, many of the brushes came out with their bristles destroyed, as most had fallen out during the cleaning process.

An SOS video shared by Kevin on TikTok has since gone viral. "Ummmmmm TikTok I need your help!!! How do I fix this?” he captioned the video.

Netizens were quick to sympathise and comforted Kevin with kind responses.

It was a "horrible mistake”, Kevin wrote in his post adding that he had 20 minutes to make up for the blunder before his wife returned home.

Users' suggestions varied from getting her a gift card from a beauty store to make up for the mess — or just handing her his credit card.

Photo: Alamy
Photo: Alamy

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