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Man 'scared' of Covid hides inside airport for 3 months

Chicago - Aditya Singh was arrested after he failed to produce his identification.

By Web Report

Published: Mon 18 Jan 2021, 4:16 PM

Last updated: Mon 18 Jan 2021, 4:24 PM

Most times, fear stems from real threats, but it could also originate from imagined dangers as it proved to be in the case of an American man who hid inisde an airport in Chicago for three months due to fear of Covid-19.

In an incident that’s bears resemblance to Tom Hanks’ hit Hollywood movie Terminal, California resident Aditya Singh, who was too afraid to fly, took refuge inside Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport until he was arrested by police. Singh had arrived from Los Angeles in October, and lived in the airport until he was detected.

In a report published in the Chicago Tribune, prosecutors said Singh had arrived at O’Hare on a flight from Los Angeles on Oct. 19 and allegedly has lived in the airport’s security zone ever since, without detection.

Singh allegedly hid out for three months in a secured area of the airport.

On Saturday, United Airlines staff asked Singh to show his identification. Singh lowered his face mask and showed them an airport ID badge that he was wearing around his neck, according to the report.

The badge actually belonged to a staff member who had reported it missing. Staff then informed the police who took arrested Singh.

Singh reportedly told the authorities that he found the badge in the airport and he stayed back in the airport as he was too “scared to go home due to Covid.”

Passengers transiting through the airport were giving Singh food and water during his stay at the terminal. The Los Angeles resident does not have any criminal record. He holds a master’s degree in hospitality management and is unemployed.

Singh was charged with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and misdemeanor theft. He was barred by the court from stepping into the airport again and made to pay $1,000 for his release. He is due to appear in court on January 27.


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