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Man kills himself accidentally after bullet bounces off car

Man, kills, himself, accidentally, bullet, bounces, off car

The police has made no arrests yet and the matter is under investigation.

By Web Report

Published: Tue 10 Sep 2019, 3:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 10 Sep 2019, 5:50 PM

A 25-year-old man from Sydenham, London, died at the scene after accidentally getting hit by a bullet that he intended to shoot at someone else.
According to reports in Mirror.co.uk, witnesses said the man shot someone else but the bullet bounced off a car window and hit him instead. A 56-year-old woman living nearby said, "He came to shoot someone else, but he ended up shooting himself. The bullet bounced off a car window. You can see on the car window where the bullet bounced off it. After it happened, the boy he came to shoot stood there filming him."
The elderly woman added that she had lived in Sydenham for 25 years and there had been very few incidents. While two men drinking in a nearby pub heard one gunshot, but believed it to be a car backfiring. One of the men, who did not want to be named, said, "We've heard three or four different stories - we've heard it was a guy on a moped, someone in a car and then that the (victim) did it to himself."
The Metropolitan Police have made no arrests yet and the matter is under investigation.

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