Man attacks girlfriend over changing Facebook picture

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Man attacks girlfriend over changing Facebook picture

The kick broke her jaw and three teeth.

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Published: Mon 14 Jan 2019, 1:39 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Jan 2019, 3:40 PM

After suffering permanent physical injuries and mental trauma, a 29-year-old Liverpool woman is now urging other victims of domestic abuse to seek help. Lois Ashton shared images of horrific injuries caused by her then boyfriend, Andrew McNair, just because she changed her Facebook profile picture.    
Ashton now has to wear a partial denture after her abusive boyfriend kicked her so hard in the face that her jaw and three teeth broke. The attack ensued after Ashton took off her profile picture that had McNair and her together and instead put an image of herself. This enraged McNair who kicked, punched and slapped her. 
The incident occurred in December 2016 when Ashton planned to go out with her girlfriends and McNair was not happy about it. "He looked annoyed that I was going out and I said 'I didn't think you would want to come on a girls' night out' and he said 'the offer would have been nice'. So I ended up inviting him and he came with me," quoted Ashton as saying.  
McNair who was seemed loving when the two met, had turned into abusive, often hitting Ashton across the face. Recalling the incident from the night out, Ashton further said, "We went to a pub but he didn't even sit with us, he just sat in another booth just staring at us. I thought he was acting strange but I was just trying to ignore it and enjoy the night with my girls." Later Ashton invited McNair to join them at one her friends house but he declined and left. Next morning she woke to find him standing over her.
"He was standing on my legs screaming at me. I managed to run outside and was banging on the neighbour's door for help but no-one answered. He came outside and locked the door and threw away the key so my friend couldn't help me. And then he just started punching and slapping me. He kicked me in the side of the head and it knocked me over," Ashton said.
Narrating the horrific attack, Ashton further said, "He then booted me three times in the face and knocked my teeth out. One of my teeth actually went up into my nasal cavity and if I put my finger up my nose I could feel my tooth. I thought I was going to die. There was so much blood." 
McNair admitted to the assault and was jailed 36 months in prison in November 2017, however, he was released only 11 months into his sentence. "He was released after 11 months and is out now living his life, like what he did was a minor incident. I would say to other women and men to just leave at the first sign of violence. If I had, my life would have been so different now," said Ashton adding that she still gets nervous when there is a knock at the door. 

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