Lapses in Kerala SSLC results put students, parents in a quandary

The mark sheets of students who have been declared eligible for higher education did not show marks of certain subjects.

By T K Devasia

Published: Wed 22 Apr 2015, 10:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 8:39 PM

Trivandrum — Serious lapses in the result of the Kerala Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination announced on Monday have put students and parents in a quandary.

While several students obtained required marks for securing eligibility for higher education, the results published on various websites of the education department and government agencies showed them ineligible for higher education. The mark sheets of students who have been declared eligible for higher education did not show marks of certain subjects.

According to reports, the mark sheets of a large number students in Kannur district did not contain the marks of Social Science and maths. Many students in Calicut district did not get the marks for mathematics. In Trivandrum, many mark sheets did not contain the Physics marks.

There have also been errors in the pass percentage of various districts. While Education Minister P K Abdu Rabb announced Kannur had the highest pass percentage in the state, the government Pareeksha Bhavan website has shown Calicut as the district with maximum pass percentage.

There have also been complaints about the total pass percentage. Education experts said that the pass percentage of 97.99 registered this year was artificially hiked. They say that such practice would adversely affect the students in future.

Undue haste in publishing the result is said to be the major reason for the lapses. Reports from districts said that the students and parents were in panic and were running from pillar to post to get the correction information.

Former chief secretary S M Vijayanand has attributed these lapses to undue pressure from the government on  teachers to publish the result early. The government wanted the result to be declared on April 16.

The education ministeer said that the discrepancies in the results occurred owing to issues with the software.  Director of Public Instruction (DPI), Gopalakrishna Bhat, said the problems would be resolved by Tuesday evening.

He said that the department was collecting data from all the 54 valuation centres in the state and would examine it once again. However, reports from various districts said that the websites had not updated the changes till late in the evening.

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