Investing in St. Lucia is worthwhile

Investing in St. Lucia is worthwhile
Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital

Arton Capital is an ideal choice for people looking for consultancy on second citizenship Arton Capital is an ideal choice for people looking for consultancy on second citizenship


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Wed 12 Sep 2018, 11:14 AM

Last updated: Wed 12 Sep 2018, 1:20 PM

Arton Capital acts as the eyes and ears for St. Lucia as applicants pursue global citizenship. With its vast experience in immigration and consultancy, it is a preferred one-stop destination for international residency and citizenship services in the UAE. The aim and intention of Arton Capital is to empower, encourage and facilitate people who are in search of a second nationality. 
As far as St. Lucia is concerned, Arton Capital has the honour of officially acting as an advisor for the government of the island-nation state in the Caribbean. It is no less than a feather in the cap for Arton Capital, as it not only knows the inside-out profiles of citizenship by investment, and is also the most competent forum to rest your case. 
This is why it proudly says, its role is to empower governments, consultants, legal and financial professionals and investors to meet their goals efficiently, effectively and responsibly. 
Arton's operations are spread over 15 cities around the world and it has been instrumental in attracting over $3 billion in foreign direct investment to various countries. 
In an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times, Armand Arton, the President of Arton Capital, spells out his global vision as far as immigration is concerned and says that citizenship through investment is in a flux. 
Arton, who prides himself as a global citizen, has the vision to involve people in shaping a sustainable and responsible environment. With his impeccable background in serving the specialised needs of high-net worth investors around the world, Arton believes that St. Lucia should be an obvious choice for people looking for stability, prosperity as well as the next orbit to further their dream of a global citizen. 
Arton says his services are the first line of clearance as an applicant pursues a second citizenship by investment. While Arton Capital enjoys a mandate from St. Lucia to advise it on legal and technical grounds, applicants can be confident of their success rate as their credentials are processed by experts from the industry. 
Arton confided that they have eminent persons on their Board from various disciplines, such as taxation, banking, legal fraternity, immigration, and even former envoys who are the best judge to vet an application before it is passed on to authorities in St. Lucia. 
"We help in documentation, translation services, and work closely with the applicant throughout the process," Arton made it a point, saying the company provides services from its offices in Dubai to clients based as far as in MENA region.
Eulogising Dubai, he says: "While the emirate is a melting pot of around 200 nationalities, it offers wide opportunities for business in our industry." He said that a large number of expatriates working here are on the lookout for a second citizenship, "and we help them with the tools and expertise in taking their next dream step."
He added that St. Lucia is an obvious choice for hundreds of families in the UAE, Middle East, Africa and China, who want a new international identity, as well as the freedom of mobility worldwide in their lives. 
He pointed out that there are other cost-effective destinations in Caribbean and elsewhere, but St. Lucia enjoys an edge over them. "It is worth an investment for your future and family."
Arton is a thorough professional and a visionary, who believes in empowering people to become global citizens, and his consultancy services makes life easy by opening up vistas of mobility through investment. 
He says that attaining a second nationality is not the end of the road; it comes with responsibility. "There should not be any classification of people on the basis of super-elites becoming global citizens, but responsible people who put in their money to create a better place to live in." He said that the investment that flows into countries like St. Lucia obviously is a source for ultra-development, which helps in uplifting hundreds and thousands of lives. "If you have extra access to resources, use it for the good of others and help create a new world for all. We push our clients to donate and invest in St. Lucia, as it is a win-win proposition," Arton recommended.

Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital, with Nestor Alfred, Director of the Citizen by Investment Unit (CIU) of St. Lucia
Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital, with Nestor Alfred, Director of the Citizen by Investment Unit (CIU) of St. Lucia

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