'Headless' baby born in Zimbabwe

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Headless baby born in Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe - The woman gave birth to twins - with the other baby dying due to an extraordinarily big head.

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Published: Thu 14 Apr 2016, 6:31 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 Apr 2016, 9:27 PM

A woman in Africa has given birth to a baby 'with no head' earlier this month, Zimbabwe Newsday reported.
The mother, hailing from Masvingo - a small town in Zimbabwe, gave birth to twins. Both babies died after birth as one of them was born with a very big head while the other was born headless, a condition medical experts said was 'incompatible with life'.
Authorities are choosing not to disclose the identity of the woman but sources said her condition was stable.
Sources at the hospital said nursing staff who helped the woman to deliver were left shell-shocked after she gave birth to a headless child after prematurely going into labour.
Acting Masvingo provincial medical director Dr Amadeous Shamu confirmed the birth of a headless child at Masvingo General Hospital, saying the situation was caused by congenital abnormalities.
"It's true there's a case like that (birth of a headless baby) but it'is very rare to have such a situation though it's generally known as a congenital abnormality, which is basically a deformation that occurs to a foetus during the early stages of pregnancy,'' he said.
"The headless foetus was incompatible with life after premature birth, while the other twin who was born alive but with a very big head, died after a few minutes,'' added Dr Shamu.
Further commenting on the rare birth, he said: "We can't unfortunately disclose the identity of the woman save to say that her condition is stable. It's very rare for a person to give birth to a child without a head,'' said Dr Shamu.
He, however, said the deformity on the headless foetus might have been caused by a neural tube defect during the organogenesis stage.
A local medical expert, commenting on the unusual birth, said environmental factors might have a bearing on congenital abnormalities.
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