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Cab passenger slapped with over Dh6,800 bill after he dozed off during ride

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He did not realise he was being driven towards the wrong destination.

Published: Fri 11 Oct 2019, 12:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 11 Oct 2019, 2:49 PM

A DJ from south London booked a taxi to get drive him home and dozed off in the cab only to wake up he been slapped with a £1,450 (Dh6,800 approx) bill for a 300 mile round trip. 
Chris Reed, also known as Plastician, claimed he was driven near to Sleaford, Lincolnshire, over a hundred miles away from his intended destination to Croydon in south London. Reed had been drinking on Sunday night in Fulham and claimed he did not realise he was being driven towards the wrong destination. 
Reed demanded a refund from the cab entity but was denied any repayment. He decided to take the matter up on Twitter to make cab riders aware of such goof ups and wrote: 'Spent this week trying to get answers as to how my driver managed to drive me halfway up the UK while I dozed off thinking I was headed from Fulham to Croydon. Didn't hear a peep from my driver. £1453.86. 5 ½ hrs on surge price x2'.
Reed who is an electronic musician regularly plays in venues around London and the rest of the UK. 'An employee at the call centre confirmed with me on Tuesday that my home address was on the booking when I called it in. They are now denying this yet have no proof', Reed's tweet further read.
This is not the first instance on a rider being overcharged, a nurse claimed she was quoted £37 for a cab ride after a night out in Liverpool but was shocked to wake up with a staggering £111 bill, reported Mirror.co.uk.

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