Build a financially secure future on these 5 pillars

All aspects of life are connected with the peace of mind resulting from being in charge of your finances, which contributes positively to mental vitality and confidence

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By Sandeep Jadwani

Published: Mon 7 Aug 2023, 11:41 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Sep 2023, 1:19 PM

Welcome to the fascinating world of personal finances, a realm that often feels intimidating and overwhelming when describing terms such as "Assets", "APR", "DSR", "stocks", "credit scores", or "investments." It's all too common that we shy away from such an intricate challenge, thinking it belongs to experts and daring entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks. But fear not, the journey to your own finances can be made much easier than it appears by simply being willing to make those first crucial steps.

Let's get started on the journey of demystifying personal finance, breaking down the jargon, and discovering the path to financial empowerment and freedom. We'll find out the transformative power of financial literacy and how it can have a major positive effect on your life by following these five easy yet powerful steps.

Budgeting: Budget management is a key element of personal finance, it provides the basis on which income and expenses are managed. You gain clarity about how you are financially, thanks to your conscientious efforts in tracking where the money is coming from and going. Discipline is needed in order to comply with the budget, as it requires deliberate choices, a preference for needs above desires and control of impulsive spending habits. I encourage you to follow this step as the starting point of your money journey, since it will give you control over your financial destiny.

Debt management: Then proceed to a journey of debt management, which is an essential aspect of our own finances and requires constant discipline. It's crucial that we pay off our debts to be financially healthy. You will gradually free yourself from the clutches of debt, by creating a sound repayment plan and making periodic payments on time. This discipline is essential for avoiding a cycle of borrowing at excessive interest rates, which might hold back your financial growth. As you conquer your debts, you pave the way towards the exhilarating realm of financial freedom.

Emergency fund: Having an emergency fund is just like a lifeboat when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. The key to creating such financial safety net is the consistent saving and a strong sense of discipline. The emergency fund offers a sense of security and stability while facing uncertainty in times of medical crises or sudden job losses. Establishing a habit of contributing to your emergency budget, even in financially stable times, exhibits discipline and foresight that will protect you and safeguard your financial well-being.

Investments: Embarking on your investment journey demands a disciplined approach. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and grasp the nuances of different options. Assessing your risk tolerance and diversifying portfolios necessitates careful thought and discipline. Simultaneously, consistent contributions to your investments showcase financial perseverance, enabling you to make informed decisions amid market fluctuations. As your investments flourish, you’ll experience heightened financial empowerment.

Protection & Insurance: Protections from unforeseen events are essential as a result of the excitement of economic growth. Insurance, the final pillar, provides a level of security that is indispensable for peace of mind. Appropriate coverage, e.g. in the areas of health care, life or property insurance, is an integral part of a prudent financing plan. In case of an unexpected occurrence, such shields ensure that you will be protected from considerable financial disadvantages in order to confront life's challenges with confidence and security.

Discipline isn't limited to the mechanics of financial management; it also creates an extraordinary level of mental fitness. Keeping control of your finances will make you more confident about your abilities and give you a strong sense of peace and security. You can devote more time to aspects of life that are clearer and calmer when you're relieved from the burden of financial stress. The journey to financial freedom is more than just numbers, it's about achieving a state of mental well being.

Remember that age is not a barrier to beginning this transformation journey, as you explore the world of personal finance. Although the ideal time to commence may have been during adolescence, every moment is a fresh beginning for you to seize. Taking charge of your financial affairs can have a lasting impact on your future, no matter how old or young you are. With a better financial future in mind, make use of the knowledge and resources that are available to you today. Each step you take today, no matter how small, brings you closer to a more prosperous tomorrow.

Lastly, discipline is the foundation of your journey to financial freedom and will serve as a force for every step you take with money. You will gain control of your finances through the construction of these five pillars. Your financial discipline has strengthened, too, and so have your physical fitness. All aspects of life are connected with the peace of mind resulting from being in charge of your finances, which contributes positively to mental vitality and confidence.

Be sure to get started on your own financial journey at any time. Let's embrace this moment with dedication, persistence and the desire for a financially secure future. Today's dedication is leading you toward a better tomorrow, and your story of fiscal independence will be told in order to illustrate the extraordinary power of discipline and empowerment. All right, start the adventure!

Sandeep Jadwani, ACSI, CIB, (head of Advisory, Habib Investment Limited) is qualified, experienced and an award-winning financial adviser. Been in the UAE for over 15 years and guiding individuals to efficiently and effectively manage their finances to achieve their financial goals. He believes financial fitness can ultimately lead to mental fitness and physical fitness.

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